Thursday, October 17, 2013

Home-made Japanese Pineapple Enzyme

This is the reason why I prefer to make Pineapple Enzyme as it's fully packed with amazing health benefits for our
body system. And among all the fruits enzyme, it's yummy lot as it's naturally sweet and sour at the same time.

I usually like my meals and drinks with less sweet/sugar and I'm using one of the best organic sugar in town.
Even with less sugar, Pineapple makes the best taste of natural sweetness with some soury excitement you can
enjoy from this natural home made enzyme. Choose the best Pineapple in town, it definitely taste yummy lot. 
Even Ecoparadise Spa likes to offer Pineapple Enzyme for us to drink after an
hour of relaxing Ecospa. Not only it helps to strengthen my immune system in my
body but it also detox and healing my inner body system to outer beauty. You can
expect a smooth skin all over your face and body with slimmer body after spa..Haha! 
The process of making the Japanese Enzyme is simple, just keep it for 5-7 days for a
perfect drink, cleansing blood for cleaner, stronger blood cells. The detoxification effect
works for me immediately after taking it.After sharing this beneficial facts, knowledge in
taking healthy enzyme every month, my family always looking forward to buy a bottle
from me. Haha...but I don't sell it, I make it fresh for them to enjoy it. If you buy a bottle
of enzyme from Ecoparadise, it's gonna cost you RM38 but it's all worthy for a healthy
body, mind and soul. Health is the ultimate wealth, you have good health you gain
almost everything in the world already without a doubt. That's life, c'est la vie! 

Thanks to Holistic Dad Facebook page for being awesome sharing their tips on health, beauty and wellness. I love all the pictures with details, that's why I'm sharing it. Keep up the good work ya! 

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