Wednesday, October 2, 2013

YVES ROCHER Yellow Peach Body Exfoliator Scrub

My evergreen Yves Rocher makeover that just happened I wore a Green Miss Selfridge Dress to this event. Not
only the makeup artist liked my dress so much that she feels the dress texture, she asked me how much is the
dress that cost RM399(if not mistaken) and where to buy it. Haha...I told her such a coincidence I bought this
dress at Midvalley and they're having 50% discount sale now. I told her I wanted a simple makeup touch up will
do, a big 'No' to heavy makeup with a simple hairdo as well, as I can't stand to sit still for long now. At last, I'm
very satisfied with the total makeover and got a nice picture to keep for my lovely memories with Yves Rocher.

This is my old time and long time favourite Yves Rocher Yellow Peach Body Scrub that I always use to pamper
myself during my evening bath. Not only I like the overall old-styled packaging like a jar of jam but the
heavenly scent of fresh peach, stimulating my smell sense to perfection is always welcome into my daily bath.'s a blessing I found this great scrub of my lifetime since many years ago from YR Sunway Pyramid. 

I even brought it along to my spa milk bath pampering after my 2 hours facial at Gardens. After the Jacuzzi
bubble bath about 20 minutes with this scrub, my skin is totally smooth with silky touch. My skin look really
fresh and bright like I have just been to a sauna spa. It's just part of my pampering I enjoy doing all the time! 

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