Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NARUKO Brightening and Firming Night Gelly

This is the Naruko product I wana try when I saw the Vivi magazine invitation to Niu Er, the famous Beauty
Guru beauty event at Sunway Convention Centre. 1st thing I wana attend his Mandarin-speaking talk, then
to grab his Naruko products in full range I told Rambo, including this great product which I got it that day
and feeling so wonderful about it. 

Yesterday my friend Grace's husband HH called me at Health in the City event
asking me how I was doing, long time no see? Haha...I'm fine, just not free to
attend all the events in town. Even Cite mag executive told me she came that day
but didn't see me as I told her parking was full so by the time I waited and spend
some time with my good friend EK shopping at Sunway, it ended already. Sigh!

Since my dream came true of getting the product I was wishing for, I started to use it already that night.
The next day, unbelievable result that my right deep wrinkle has plump up, it's like been filled up naturally.
Not only my skin is hydrated to the moisture level I'm looking for, it also help to brighten up my dull skin
to radiant skin with a healthy glow. 
This night gelly really lived up to its brand title for age-repairing treatments overnight, giving me ultimate
youthful looking skin in just one night. The packaging came with a spatula for hygienic purpose and I only
use a small scoop of it is enough for me. It's light, in a gel texture that I like it absorbed into my dry, dull skin
in just few minutes of my time. It's suitable for all skin types esp. for dull, sallow and aging skin like mine.

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