Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HiShop MEDIHEAL Ade Pumpkin Face Mask Review

I just started to try out this ADE Pumpkin Face Mask this week as I was kinda
busy in October month with all the Pinktober BCWA events and completing
my Winter Project before I can go for my Winter Holiday. 

I like the quality of this paper mask that's soft, comfortable enough for me to feel
the hydration absorption. Full of serum pampering on my face that smoothen my
skin but it's kinda big for me that I gotta fold it in this way. Haha...and the smell
of the mask is kinda 'guai guai dei'(weird) to me, not used to the pumpkin smell.

This Made In Korea Mask from HiShop is mainly focusing on 'Revitalizing'
effect that I feel it works that way to smooth and hydrate my skin. Other than
that like lifting up my skin I can't see much result of it. To try out any of their
mask, check out HiShop at https://www.facebook.com/hishopmy or click on
the ads on my blog page. Happy shopping!

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