Friday, November 8, 2013

ANOSA Hot Slimming Patch

I won this Anosa Slimming Patch through Q & A session. I tried on it on that
day itself as I love to feel the warming sensation working on my body. It's
convenient to use as I only need to paste it on my tummy and leave it on for
about 30 minutes. 

Haha...but this slimming patch warming sensation can be very hot and it's kinda working deep inside. I
sweat out naturally. I didn't measure how much I have slim down but I knew it's working for me. I used to
visit slimming spa that used the same method and spent too much on slimming treatments those days, as I
tend to eat a lot in my 20's. But now, I only visit EcoSpa for my total wellness if I have the mood to go for a spa.
To try this out, check out SHILLS at

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