Tuesday, November 19, 2013

NUXE Nuxellence Jeunesse Youth and Radiance Revealing Fluid Review

Cells need to be recharge and regenerate for renewal energy to look healthy and pretty.
Usually I only use it in the morning and it's good enough for a radiant look
of the day before I complete it with an SPF protection. As simple as that!

This No.1 Face Care from France is retailing at RM180, exclusively by SaSa. The price
is reasonable and most importantly, it works for me and never cause any breakouts.
It hydrates, plump up lines and magically radiates my skin all at once. It feels good to
look perfectly great in the morning.

The cells need to be recharge, repair and protected all the time to maintain its youthfulness.

I love the texture of the serum that's fully absorbed into my skin immediately after
I massage it all over my face. I can see the obvious, immediate result. It works like
a miracle serum to me as I only need to put on a light makeup for a healthy look of
the day. I need not put on a heavy tar like liquid foundation, BB/CC Cream to cover
any blemishes on my face esp. if I'm too lazy/in a hurry on that day. Just a pre-serum
can do wonders to my skin. Bravo Nuxe for an inspiring product like this!

With all the botanical ingredients packed into this Youth and Radiance Serum, that's
why it feels so positively good to start on my day with refreshing scent from NUXE

One pump from this stream-lined elegant bottle is enough for my whole face
application. Not only it brightens up my whole outlook of tired-looking skin
to natural radiant-looking skin after a short massage in the morning, but it
also helps to brighten up makeup if I happen to use it for a night makeover.

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