Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spain - Barcelona

I always wana visit Spain because I always won football bets voting for Spain against my football fan friends., dinner, souvenirs etc. you named it I won it from them, be it for the Euro Cup or World Cup Champion. Spain gave me lots of lucks I guess but I have no clear picture about Spain at all because none of my friends travel to Spain before. But I’ve heard many good reviews from tour agencies when they're promoting Spain holiday to me. I remember GTT Agency really pushed the Spain holiday of RM9000+, very expensive and exclusive tour back then.

I waited for long and finally this year Matta Fair in March 2013, I made a firm decision to visit Spain and Portugal at the same time. And I'm glad that I came as Spain is a beautiful country with good people surrounding me all along the journey. On the very 1st day I reached to this land, one couple already offered to take pictures for both of us and even asking us to kiss each other on the next picture. cute of them and we helped them to take some pictures too before bidding goodbye as my tour time is really limited for an hour shopping time only.

Only when I reached here in Barcelona then I realized how beautiful Spain country is. Many of them took pictures along the way with amazing oohs and aahs as we never thought that Barcelona is so beautiful, full of magnificent, ancient buildings still preserved since 12th Century till today. Even my Uncle Chew mentioned to me that day, many of the documentary shows did featured on the Spanish spellbinding architectural special that amazed him. And I totally agreed with him after enjoying this Spain holiday as I have seen it with my very own eyes.  

Everytime I travel to a new place/new country then I got to learn so much about the place from all the sight-seeing and history about the country. If not, I don't think I have the interest to google on it. Haha...kinda lazy and not good for my eyes too. I prefer to read and see it with my own eyes by watching the beautiful scenery and having to engage with the true nature of the place. Spain is not focus mainly on cathedrals, churches only but many kinds of buildings that been preserved as UNESCO heritage buildings, just like this Gaudi's building that has turned into a hotel+restaurant. 

Everyone in Spain knows Antoni Gaudi, their very famous Architect of Spain La Sagrada Familia masterpiece. I always love this cathedral design and I even told myself that I'm gonna visit it real soon. And when I'm here taking pictures and listening to the history story of it, I took the chance to enjoy the Raspberry Ice-Cream 1 Bola(1 scoop) that tasted really yummy for me. Rambo recorded a video for me, so I took the chance to share the iconic 'La Sagrada Familia' story that means 'The Holy Family'. 

It's kinda fun to speak a word or two in Spanish when we're in Spain. And the tour guide also taught us some Spanish so it's more convenient for everyone to communicate in Spain as they don't really speak English here. Everytime we asked how much is it, they replied us in Spanish like 'Kai Tung Ngap Kong'. Haha...we use calculator or hand gestures to describe to them so that they know what we're talking about. But most of them are nice Spanish people who are courteous, they welcome us 'Hola' when we came in and would give their level best to serve us.

I saw this sexy shirt of 'I love Barcelona' in Pink and Green combination that I wana buy but I didn't get it because it's not cheap here in Spain esp.with the high Euros of 4.5 now it's really not worth it. Things and souvenirs are quite expensive here for those good quality ones, those cheap ones I don't buy. 'Mai emm lok sau', not in good quality what for? So I usually buy yummy chocolates and souvenirs from the shopping mall 'El Corte Ingles' in green sign label. Reasonable price I would say, not cheap but more worthy with the value of money that I paid for.      

Spain is looking wonderful with its seaside beach and marina bay situated along the Mediterranean Sea. We can see the cruise ships harbouring nearby, luxury yachts park here and full of tourists coming over for the perfect pictures here. And I like this Bestour travel agency who arranged our local Western Dinner for us here at Marina Bay of Barcelona. And obviously they never forget to serve us the best local specialty in Spain that is 'Seafood Paella' at the famous restaurant next to the beach. 

The ambience of course looked romantic for all of us esp.for the couples and I asked them to serve me all the main dishes at one go. But the waiter told me that our specialty needs about 25-30 minutes to prepare for it. And when our special dish came out, everyone rushing to take a picture of it except me. I don't have the passion or strength anymore, I just wana enjoy the rice dinner only and wana head back to hotel for a good rest before I have enough energy for the next day's itinery. I asked for a spoon but the tour leader explained to us that the Spanish usually use fork to eat the rice unless if they're taking soup. 

But the waiters did their level best providing us a good service because they value their jobs very much in order to keep their jobs permanently. This is because Spain is facing a 27% unemployment rate and for the age group of 18-25 is 51%, so the young ones usually need to travel to another country for jobs while the ones who have secured jobs like the tour guide, they usually stayed very close to their own family at Barcelona, born and retire at the same place. I went back hotel for my 8 hours deep sleep after taking my hot bath as I was too exhausted from the whole day tour. Adios for Barcelona, to be continue next day of my Spain holiday!

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