Monday, November 18, 2013

The Circle of Life

In life, everyday we get to meet beautiful people from all walks of life. Treasure them but never forget the old ones. And many out there people may wana take pictures with us and that's how we can stay closer a bit more and slowly, become closer than ever. My answer to them is usually, "Sure, it's my pleasure to take pictures with Hot Mama/Leng Lui/Leng Aunty" because I only see the beauty that radiates from deep within them. 8 days being together in 3 foreign countries together, from am-pm can enhance a relationship to a great friendship that we never plan to be. 

But everyone made the efforts to stay connected with each other, even if they couldn't find me where I already set my FB into private setting. At last they did it with Rambo's IT skills and everyone gave solutions on solving the 'Add Friend' problem. Haha...but the young ones from Italy trip, they're real Bravo in FB play where they have no problem in adding me on FB at all. They're fast and furious, the next day we're all FB friends liao. That's life, the young ones are vibrant and full of life. It is their world now, it's time for them to rise and shine and we are here to support them all the way to success just like a circle of life!

My family members and friends have been asking me when is my next trip and to where? My reply is, "I'm so happy to be back home sweet home. Let me get comfortable with KL life and staying close with my loved ones. No more travel until 2014 if possible." I have booked my Spring holiday trip so let's enjoy everyday life at my very blessed homeland called Malaysia. So glad that I can indulge my favourite food in town like Nasi Lemak, Sarawak Laksa etc. This is good life to me, to be able to enjoy my favourite food and living comfortably in my home sweet home. I can drive to anywhere I want to and anytime I want to. I have the total freedom in my own free time in Malaysia.

Usually when I'm on travel, we got acquainted with a couple who usually share table with us and taking pictures together. And during that long holiday, we usually stayed close with one another doing our shopping together, having good meals together from lunch to dinner and sometimes, we take care of each other. Whoever got sick/ill we tried helping them since we brought all the pills along. Haha...I prayed all the time I don't need any of this but helping others to get well when they got food poisoning, sick and headache is like part of our routine. Be it from Japan, Italy or Spain, Rambo and I are happy to help what we can but we don't simply cure them. We rather they seek for professional guidance if they're really ill. In China, usually those old ones been admitted to hospital because they're very old and too ill liao. I don't think they're suitable for China travel as China needs unlimited energy and stamina to catch up with the full-packed itineries.

We make friends with everyone but I'm usually the low profile one, minding my own business only until they talked to me then I would respond to them. It's not easy to stay in a group of 36 different kinds of people who have their own thoughts. Some like to condemn Malaysia in front of the Spanish tour guide due to the bad government but I like to welcome others to visit my country for the good food. In KL, everytime I shop till I drop be it at KLCC or Pavilion and while waiting for Rambo to fetch me, the security at Pavilion would say "Letak kat sini, berat tu"(Put it here, that's heavy). "Tak lah, it's ok. Thank you!" In KLCC, the security would help me by opening the car door for me and close it for me. That's the beauty and great hospitality of Malaysia I'm talking about. 

This time in Spain and Portugal, the couple that got very close to us came from Sarawak as we're all Malaysian food lovers. We stayed very close from breakfast, lunch and dinner, having to share dining and wining together. But I only drank a little most of the time as I limit my high cholesterol level to healthy level esp. with the much energy needed for all the walking and touring around Spain. They even bought Portuguese Tarts for both Rambo and I when I'm busy shopping for the limited time in Lisbon, Portugal. "So yummy, thank you so much" I thanked them with all my heart and soul as I was so grateful that I got to taste the original Portuguese tarts from Portugal. I told them back to Malaysia when they visit KL again, let me treat them the best cheesecake from Coffee Bean.

Haha...that's simply called happiness that we've bonded along the journey in Europe this time. And usually we did keep in touch with all of them as all of us made the efforts to call each other for lunch together and hoping we can go holiday again together. Obviously, we're all happy being together in a group of holiday planners. Life is short and precious altogether, just live it simple and be who you are that makes you happy. Always remember what other people did good to you and it's ok to forget what you have contribute to others as we don't need to expect any gratitude from others even if they forgot to say 'TQ'. 

When you do good deeds, do it with total sincerity and honesty. Stay grounded with positive people who are truly happy, the good vibes somewhere somehow can surround you with better and greater vibrations of more good fortunes to come. And once again, it's not their big house that determine how big heart they can be, but it's the good thoughts that counts a lot. It's the simple, little good thoughts that counts and matters in life. C'est la vie!  

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