Thursday, November 21, 2013

NUXE Nuxuriance Eye and Lip Global Anti-Aging Cream Review

Nuxuriance range is retailing in between RM188 to RM240. To me, it's affordable
and luxurious enough for an anti-aging treatment. Been loyal using it everyday for
the past one month and I'm loving it to the max.

Not only it helps to re-plump with an immediate result that I can see with my own eyes on the 1st lip application,
but as time goes by, I can feel that my lip is not so dry anymore. When I'm in Spain, my lip cracked up again like a
broken cement as I didn't bring it along. When I go travel, I only bring those travel deluxe-size vanity care along.  
Back home, I apply it again and it helps to repair my lip back to smooth lip again. 
It works wonderfully for me like a magic wonderland. Thanks Nuxe, I really 
appreciate this cream that can keep my lip and eyes youthfully smooth!
I only use one pump of this cream is enough for my eyes and lip application.
Usually after the toner, I would start using serum 1st before I start to treat my
lip and eyes using this luxurious cream. And I love it because it smells divinely
pampering and inspiring with its green and in-packaging. green love! 

I used to have cracked, full of lines lip but now, I'm happy to say that I have fine,
normal lip. I dare not apply any eye cream on my eyes as usually it can cause oil
seeds to form around my eyes but Nuxe Nuxuriance Cream is gentle for my eyes
and smoothen the lines on my eye area. No deep wrinkle or deep lines on my eyes
I'm already very satisfied besides feeling grateful that I can see things very clearly.


  1. vitamins are good anti aging remedies, they help in producing good cells and good blood circulation.

    1. Definitely agreed with you. Daily vitamin and supplements help to nourish basic nutrients needed in our body. It comes 1st in producing good cells in the body before beauty radiates from a healthy body! Check out this blog at