Friday, November 15, 2013

HiShop Bidanpo Mediental Clinic Mask Review

Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask: RM 11.90

'Bidanpo Mediental Healing Mask' is a brand of oriental medicine skin science born in 'Hana Green Oriental Medical Clinic', majored in Oriental Medicine of Kyung-Hee University. Bidanpo masks are made with the secret method of fermenting and maturing 12 precious medicinal herbs in a bamboo bucket to improve skin. 

This healing mask pack was meant to be functional in whitening effect, enhancing the skin hydration and helping skin nourishment with best doctor's secrete method by 'Jayang-Boseupdan' fermenting and maturing 12 precious medicinal herbs. Well, it does helps to moisturize my dry, dull skin to deep hydration level. 

And I like the soft touch of this cloth mask put on my face, kinda comfortable and fits perfectly on my delicate skin. But the serum felt kinda sticky a bit due to their thick serum provided from this mask. Other than that, no other complain of this face mask that is made from Korea.  

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