Sunday, November 24, 2013

Portugal - Cristo Rei

'CRISTO REI' means The Christ The King is a Catholic monument and shrine dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ overlooking the city of Lisbon in the central part of Portugal. Such an amazing place here with breathtaking views from the top of the hill, where we actually need about 30 minutes to cross over this 25 de Abril Bridge and climbing up a high hill residence area, all the way through the hills and cliffs to reach up here. Totally worth it and so loving it. Reminds me so much of lovely scenery in China!

Actually, this amazing trip was not part of our holiday to Portugal but all of us wanted to extend this additional tour by paying the extra Euros 5 to reach up here, since we're already here in Portugal. How often do we really take the initiative to travel to Portugal, might as well we pay and visit the place once and for all. I read about the article to reach up to this famous tourist attraction, the tourists actually need to cross this Tagus River by taking a cruise to reach to Lisboa Hill. 

Then you can reach up by taking a bus, a cab or climbing by walking to reach up here. That's why not many people come for this lovely scenery because it's not easy to travel up here. Only our tour coach that brought us up here in luxury(no need to walk at all) and another private cab with tourists were here, snapping many shots from one angle to every corner of this place because it's such a fantastic and fascinating atmosphere all around here. 

The Amazing Race show should come over here for good as I have not seen them featuring about Portugal yet, it can be a fresh start for them here. When we cross over this bridge, many of them said it looks exactly like the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. fact, it's the same designer and same bridge company that builds this bridge for Portugal. Even the figure of Christ is the same comparable to the 'Christ the Redeemer' statue in Rio de Janeiro, arms a cross extended out facing the city of Lisbon to embrace the city.

Not only the stunning beauty really wow us for an hour enjoying the beautiful views up here but it's the experience of reaching up here, getting up close with another historical story about Cristo Rei that amazed us as well. The giant statue in cement was erected to symbolize the gratitude of the Portuguese who were spared from the effects of World War 2. Now I know why I always see Cristiano Ronaldo been grateful to his God everytime he shot a goal. 

Haha...the Portuguese really devoted to their spiritual belief very much and attend to church services on time. I was glad we came to Cristo Rei as it's a trip that I will not make so much efforts to visit but it's such a co-incidence of a good fortune, kinda fated we're up here to enjoy the magnificent beauty of Lisboa Hill in Portugal. 'Tchau'(Bye) for now, will continue my Portugal journey in my coming blog. 

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