Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Eucerin Skin Science

I have been using Eucerin brand for quite some time liao but the fact that I'm still using it and staying loyal
to this brand because of its effective result of keeping my skin smooth, soothing and comforting enough. And
such a coincidence that I got this set from Health in the City event to save me from the dry and cold season in
Spain and Portugal. The cold, dry weather is kinda crazy as it's cold in the morning, very hot in the afternoon
and very cold at night that our skin would tend to crack, forming blisters naturally and dried up skin that look
really horrible. But thank God I have Eucerin products to keep my skin protected from all the natural forces.
I told Rambo must remember to bring this Eucerin kit as main priority keeping our skin healthy in Europe.

In fact, it really helps me alot as I only use this Wash lotion for whole body and intimate part to be clean.
I even use it to cleanse my face, it's not drying my skin at all. My hair also kinda pampered, smooth and
easy to care without having to use mask as when I travel, I did my very best to save my time for a good rest
than to mask my hair top to toe.'s my sensitive skin saviour, keeping my skin healthy and pretty.  

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