Monday, November 11, 2013

GUESS Fashion World

Although the GUESS brand is 'Made from China', I'm still proud to wear GUESS brand stylish clothings all the time and use any of the GUESS fashionable handbags to everywhere I go. Fashion is all about trend, designs and style keeping up-to date, it's not just focus mainly on the price tag or branding itself. If it's nice, lovely and if the quality is good enough with the right price tag, it's always worth to buy and going fashionable with it. In fact, GUESS is one of my favourite brand in fashion I adores very much since I was young till today. 

Watching America's Next Top Model this year with GUESS Fashion Runway reminded me so much of my experience with GUESS brand. You may have seen me gracing the Marie Claire Magazine on a few pages modelling in a GUESS Blue Dress everyone been eyeing for that season. And the Editor wanted me to wear the dress although I wish I can wear the GUESS Jeans and simple shirt to pair for the shooting on that day. I was kinda plump during my 20's so I wana hide my fats under the shirt but we respect the Editor's decision on her creative ideas after she tried explaining to us.

My friend told me she saw me on MC Mag on this award win but I never talk much about it. A plump lady I can't even recognized myself but that's me on the magazine. I don't wana keep the magazine or show it to anyone, even when everyone asked me about it. One of my good friend Alex who happen to be in the same corporate world in Insurance industry with me wanted to share the magazine with his British Co. in Malaysia but I told him not to. "So ugly, No Way" I warned him that. Haha...I can't even look at it as I can't face the pictures of myself, looking so plump up. But I'm proud to be part of the GUESS brand for this great award by MC magazine.  

That GUESS modelling experience not only empowered me so much on the fashion insights into a whole new world of fashion industry, but the whole model shooting experience also earned me so much experience to a higher level of respect to the fashion world. Such a great experience having to work with the professional team like GUESS brand and Marie Claire magazine that long week. 

I'm very grateful and thankful for that. Till today, I still feel very blessed to be chosen as the winner of 'The Women of Tomorrow.' When one of the CLEO writer wrote a career article about me in my 20's, she got so excited to know that I was one of the MC winner of this award and we hugged each other. Haha...time really flies, it was 10 years ago when all this were happening during my corporate days in my career world.

I won RM2000 GUESS cash vouchers to shop for GUESS fashion, among the other great prizes ready for me to enjoy at the award presentation. It's a memorable and meaningful experience I will never forget for the rest of my life. That's why till today I don't mind to splurge my money on GUESS brand and buying things that I like from GUESS handbags to GUESS Marciano lovely dresses because GUESS have given me so much lovely memories to reminisce in many years to come. And most importantly is that I like its up-to date fashion trend in clothings. Not to mention the classy timewear that speaks of stylish style to pair with my wardrobe with its affordable prices in the fashion world. To me, GUESS brand strongly speaks of elegance, sophistication and hot sexy personality when I'm wearing it.    

Nowadays, almost all the brands in town are made from China. Just like that day, I chance upon Armani brand in Gardens Mall, the big 50% discounts sign tempted me to go in and browse around. I saw this trendy Leather Jacket and I tried it on. Looks good and so I checked on the price before buying it. It's made from China with a price tag cost RM5000. I put it back as it's not worth to buy it even after discount, still cost thousand dollars for a Jacket that's made from China. If it cost a few hundred dollars, I may grab it for sure. the end of the day, be happy shopping for something you really like about and will use it for many years to come, not only focusing on the brand and feel heartache after spending too much money on it!   

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