Tuesday, November 26, 2013

ARTDECO Launch Party by SaSa Malaysia

The 'ARTDECO Launch' at the Rooftop, The Icon that night is full of glitz and glamour makeup from
Germany. Advanced-packaging ARTDECO, all up for a parade of glamorous night launching.

 Ms. Alice Lau, Director of Category Management and Product Development(CMPD) giving 
her opening speech. Full of glitzy, glamorous ARTDECO fashion show of lovely makeup
that brighten up the night. I like the overall launch that night by SaSa Malaysia. 

 Ms. Anna Blasco, ARTDECO VP Marketing from Germany to grace the Launch of ARTDECO in 
SaSa Malaysia. She's very excited to work closely with SaSa and hope to promote us one of 
the best, trendy makeup brand from the world to Malaysian market.

Derek Grillo showing us his own collection full of ARTDECO colours that I kinda fell in love with 
all the colours he had in hand. He said that 2014 trend colour would be the purple colour so
it's time to stock up new purple eye makeup colour for us then.

Derek Grillo (ARTDECO International Make Up Artist and Head of International Training) is
demonstrating a step-by-step make-up on Amber Chia. Very impressive touch of makeup
demonstrated by him, from a natural look to the party look. Fantastic job of a makeup artist.

Elynn Leong(Senior Marketing Manager), lice Lau(Director of Category Management, Product Development), 
Amber Chia (Malaysia Top Supermodel), Corina Loi(Sa Sa Senior Vice President and Country Head), Derek Grillo
(ARTDECO International Make Up Artist & Head of International Training), Anna Blasco(ARTDECo Vice President
Marketing), Low Yew Meng (Director of Finance and Administration) officiated the launch of ARTDECO. 

Seeing all the glitzy glam makeup, I just can't help it but to try on the makeup myself after
having invited for a picture or two at the ARTDECO Launch. I like the technology of new
brush from the eye colour to the packaging of filling up our favourite eye colour palette.
The eye colour makeup is wonderful, it works like a magic. I only need to
swipe one time brush on the eyes and it stays perfectly. I didn't even apply
any eye makeup base but the colour shimmers like a shining star on my eyes. 
When everyone asked me how's the makeup? I replied them "I love it!" It's 
suffice to say that, expressing my love after trying out the great makeup myself.

My after-makeup look with shimmer colour on my eyes, a sexy Fuschia
lip colour and natural blush colour on my cheeks. Derek did mentioned
that the next trendy lipcolour in the coming 2014 is gonna be Fuschia so
I'm gonna shop for it real soon. Let's go shopping for ARTDECO this X'mas!

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