Monday, November 25, 2013

Spain - Zaragoza

Reaching to Zaragoza to have a fulfilling Chinese lunch at the town centre. We make noise we wana go
shopping and sight-seeing after the long hours sitting inside the coach like kids who got boring so they let us
tour around the city for an hour plus. We split asap, going our own ways to make good use of the time given.

Along the journey from Barcelona, we stopped by petrol station for a toilet break. Usually, all of us tend to
buy things won't miss.I usually bought the local specialty like chocolates, coffee and snacks.This time I bought a
Spanish magazine with a free gift of green bag like the Bottega Veneta brand. It's not expensive so I grab it.

Luckily in Spain, most of the toilets need not pay like in most parts of Central Europe. Everything you need
to pay, 50 cents or 70 cents but then sometime, they only refund you part of it to buy anything from the
petrol station Italy. No money, no gain. Haha...Spain never force you to pay but you can get a cup
of coffee if you want to just to thank them, if not they're still fine with it. 

That's the big difference of Spain with other EU parts of beauty I can see in them. Even when I went in
to their shops, they welcome me with a big smile and 'Hola'. They attend to us in a professional manner.

I love this 'Punto Roma' brand in Spain but I didn't get to buy one that I like
because the S size I wanted is out of stock and I only want the new ones so I
only get to buy a nice scarf from here. Nothing is cheap here after the conversion.

I never heard of Zaragoza, Spain but it turned out to be a great place to visit as it's beautiful with the nice
cathedral here. But none of us actually go touring it coz all us only grab the chance to go shopping instead.
All the beautiful Spanish women staring at me and they kept telling me that they loved my shoes. I make 
friends with them and we talked for awhile before we bid goodbye. Lucky one of them speaks English
and she actually speaks on behalf of every women who speak Spanish with me. Haha...'Si, Gracias' is
my only answer to them. They're all very nice Spanish people that I got to meet along my Spain holiday.
And not forgetting to take many lovely pictures here as we're only stopping by here because of the long
journey across Barcelona to Madrid. If we don't get to stop by here for a short trip, I think all of us will
go mad in the coach. From early am to late pm only we reached safely to Madrid, another Spain big city.
One of the many nice shots that we got to keep for lovely memories of Zaragoza.

Zaragoza seems to be beautiful for many and at this bridge itself, the view here is magical like old-styled
city which is not to be missed if you ever travel to Spain. Besides the Eastern Europe magnificent beauty,
I really have no regrets in my 2013 plan to travel to Spain because it gives me many, lovely memories. 

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