Sunday, August 24, 2014

Avène D'Pigment Workshop

In Europe, women over 25 are particularly concerned with dark spots and patches. The problem increases with age because after 40, 1 woman out of 3 is concerned with women of over 50 got affected* by the harmful UV rays.

Hyperpigmentation refers to localized or widespread dark spots. There are several sorts; 
These are smooth dark spots with clearly delimited edges, that appear in areas exposed to light. They are due to repeated exposure to the sun and increase with age. The spot darkens, takes root in the papillary dermis and thickens in the epidermis. 

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
These are residual hyperpigmented spots that persist after various dermatoses have healed(acne, infectious and inflammatory dermatoses). They are particularly frequent in dark phototypes and after exposure to the sun.

Phototoxic reactions
Certain cases of hyperpigmentation can be caused by phototoxic reactions to perfume or certain medication.

This type of hypermelanosis is a response to 2 factors: hormonal stimulation and UV radiation stimulation. It corresponds to pigmentation patches on the face that are benign but can become very unsightly and are accentuated by sun exposure. Melasma is mostly seen in women (only 10% of melasma cases are men) and dark phototypes (III to VI), especially women of Asian, hispanic and North African origin. 

The contours of the spots are irregular; the pigmentation is symmetrical. Melasma is found on the forehead, cheeks, temples, upper lip and sometimes the chin. Its colour is not usually uniform, ranging from ocre to blue and even black. Development is slow and chronic and can last 10 to 20 years.

These pigmentation problems are disfiguring, unsightly and often difficult to come to terms with. Avène Dermatological Laboratories NOVATION develop expert skin care in the treatment of epidermal Hyperpigmentation. 

This skin care product is the result of the dermocosmetic transposition of a pharmaceutical* preparation with recognized efficacy. The challenge taken up by Avène to offer a trio of skin lightening active ingredients that are both effective and well-tolerated.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is naturally soothing, cooling and anti-irritating. Avène Thermal Water, a spring declared to be of “Public Interest” since 1874. 

A skin care line based on the water, developed for the most sensitive or intolerant skin. Protect and prevent dark spots with rigorously selected innovative ingredients by international experts who are having years of expert knowledge in the field of dermo-cosmetics.

Formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reactions, Avène is tested under dermatological control with gentle formulas and textures developed to comfort sensitive skin. 

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