Thursday, August 28, 2014

GUESS Golden Collection

'Dai Bau, Sai Bau, one set Chai Sai' In Cantonese it simply means big packet, small
packet that completes the set. Haha...I bought this golden handbag+wallet set in 2
different shops from GUESS Pavilion after I managed to grab the lovely handbag 1st.
I was busy travelling to Japan in May and Australia in June, I didn't get to shop all
around Malaysia so I'm not aware of this design until that day when I visit GUESS.

It was love at 1st sight with the striking gold colour that attracts my attention. And
I like the design with the flower keychain that's similar to Marc Jacobs design, plus
good quality of fabric inside and many useful pockets. Then I managed to grab the
new wallet from the other GUESS 1st floor shop, feeling totally excited about it as I
love pairing my things that comes in a set to complement my daily wears. 

I remembered Carrie T used to take the same handbag in Pink that I liked which I
told her in Italy, I wanted to buy it but never did until I saw this appealing design
again last July I quickly grabbed it at once. GUESS Fashion is always my favourite
brand in fashion passion, be it for its charismatic watches, gorgeous dresses and its
stunning handbags that got me hooked all the time. Will always support the brand!

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