Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Life's Good Thoughts

Buddhism teachings is meant to teach and guide us the right ways to live a happy, fulfilling and content life without stepping, hurting or harming the others. Recently, many of my friends have been telling me how heartbroken they can be due to the competition and jealousy from others who are not happy for their success in life. Well, I listen to their stories and I told them to ignore them, delete them and move on to their future plans. 1st of all, you need not respond to them in any manner but to stay calm and cool about it. No matter what you do, say and share, there must be someone who will get jealous, have something bad to say and couldn't cope with your success. It's their negative thoughts and pessimistic vibes that's battling with them inside, so you need not get involved in any of the conflicts with them at all. 

In this world, there are so many beautiful and wonderful people around where you only need to get your positive vibes to attract those good people spiralling around you. Just last Saturday at Kose Event, I managed to meet two beautiful ladies who told me they always see me at certain events and Jane even mentioned to me she remembered I was wearing the Green Top with the Green Flair Skirt at K-Beauty Event in Hyatt Hotel. I was not aware about that. In fact, when we exchanged mobile numbers to keep in touch with each other only I realized that she had send me a friend request on Facebook last 2 weeks ago but I didn't have the time to confirm her yet. I promised her I will confirm her by Sunday. She took a selfie for 3 of us having great times together and tagged me through Instagram. Now I know who she is, she's a sweet, pretty mommy that I'm glad to get close with.  

Early in the morning that Saturday, I have attended the Melvita event with my friend Grace and met my other friends there. I left early after redeeming the RM30 cash voucher for Melvita products as I need to attend another Kose event at KLCC in the afternoon. Ju Li wazzapp me asking where I was as she didn't see me there where I told her I have left after the event ends and I don't like to be late for my next event. Grace wanted to join me so badly but she was not selected for this event so I need to go alone, yet I still find the chance to have fun meeting new friends at the event. Life is 'Yuen Wat'(round and smooth), it's natural sometimes we need to walk the path alone and stay independent with total confident to lead a happy, fulfilling life. 

Just like a spa pampering session, it was supposed to be a relaxing and rejuvenating treatment to destress, meditate and revitalised our body, mind and soul to perfection, and it's actually fully recommended to go solo for that. Only after the reviving session ended, we are then free to have bestie moments with family/friends around chatting and laughing out loud for hours, served with good food too. Haha...recently my good friends have been calling me out for tea session also, we have so many topics to talk about until 'Kai Tiong Emm Tuin' but then somewhere, somehow I need to stop the session by 9pm because it's not safe to go back late at night now esp. for the ladies.  

Even that day my good friend EK wanted to spend more time with me by asking Rambo to go back 1st, but then I told her better not as I was worried about her going home alone late at night. It's really not safe nowadays with all the bad crimes going on. She has been asking me if I missed her much as for the past one year, she was kinda been grounded in life to take care of her children and she missed having all the fun with me at the events. I replied her, "Of course I missed you a lot but family definitely comes 1st." Obviously, I understand her situation because I'm also a nanny to my dear Charmers so I knew what she's going through in her life. Usually, she's the one who's more active than me attending all the beauty events and asking me to come along with her almost every now and then.  

I told her to stay patient for another few more years before she can enjoys life again. But still from what I see on that Friday fateful night, she enjoys her life too by taking me to the dance floor with her for the dancing session. I was dancing with her for awhile, then I told her to go ahead dancing with the group so I can take more pictures for her. I waited for her until the end of the party, usually I would leave early like my other friends who have left the scene liao. But for her, I did my very best to wait until she's fully satisfied having much fun at the party only we leave together. She even presented me her own-made craft of a lovely Pearl Bracelet that night where I kept it nicely in my vanity drawer and hope to wear it real soon. 

Life is really that simple, to live well and rejoice of having a good life ahead of you with loved ones and good friends that treasure you a lot. Not everyone can be happy for you, wana stay hip and chic with you but if you make the effort to find that someone special for yourself, it's a privilege for both of you to be able to enjoy life happily and pretty together. But 1st of all, you need to have that kinda good vibrations of having the good auras, charm and beauty of being a good/kind person. If you don't, don't blame the others for not liking you just because you think you're better or superior than others. Don't blame others for not respecting you for who you are because at the very 1st place, did you really respect the others the same way you expect them to be? 

Always ask and reflect who you are before you try to judge the others. Life doesn't revolve around you in this world only, but many other people who also think they're special too. Everyone is their own superstar, diva in them and feeling special in their own shoes, that's what they think. To be able to love and support the others, you need to be strong in cultivating your mental strength and capable enough to uplift the others to be the best of the best. In Buddhism teachings, always think good+do good, 'Shuo Hao Hua'(Say good things), purify your mind and not to do any evil to lead a healthy life everyday, then you'll be happy everyday. It seems too easy to say it, but to practice it before you preach, it's never an easy task to follow at all. 

It takes a lot of courage, perseverance and determination to do it. The minute you remember to do it today, but you tend to forget about it again tomorrow because life is so full of greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance among the uncivilised people. They think they're so great they do not need to learn about moral, religions and what life is all about, that's why they always failed in life and they always put the blames on others, get jealous all the time and hoping the bad consequences to happen to others which only befalling them because the laws of attractions doesn't happen in that negative ways. It only happens when you're powerful enough to send it through positive thinking+manners. 

That's why the old saying did mentioned why only the fortunate people always get what they wanted in life, they lived happily ever after and still living their dreams with grace and glory because they asked for it and they're grateful enough enjoying what they have in life. Some people may get what they wanted in life for the time being, but if they're not happy for others who live a happy, comfortable life and always get jealous about others without trying to improve themselves, ended up they will not be happy very soon and going to drag the other negative members into her sucking lives with her as losers. 

So be extra careful in choosing your friends to like you for who you truly are without having any needs to explain who you really are because at the end of the day, you only need to stay happy, pretty and healthy in life with good people around you plus good karmas surrounding you. Life is fair, good and smooth to be true so live it really well!                                                                                  

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