Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tea Goodness 2

The tea history has existed long time ago since thousands years ago, originated in China during the Shang Dynasty as a medicinal drink. There’s a documentary show by this 8TV channel where the host got so excited when he reached to one of the many high peaks of the Great Wall of China, besides getting inspired following the trails of tea history in China. He reminded me so much of my experiences hiking high up the Great Wall of China together with my colleagues+our pride certificates too. I totally understand his feeling of feeling totally on top of the world as I’ve been through that kinda exhilarating experience before back when I was younger, healthier and stronger at age 25. Haha...now with 38 years old baggage in me, I'm kinda slow and lazy to train my stamina for that again.    

In fact, everytime I shared my Beijing holidays with my family and friends, they’re all so keen to plan the same kind of my trips up there and they did. Back home, they told me such a great holiday trip they had there and hope to travel Beijing again. My German friend also got so jealous when I told him I actually went Beijing again when we met for lunch that day. Haha…I told him no need to get jealous about it but to make sure he plan it now to make it happen as soon as he can. When Sis Toto told me she was afraid of the height but really wish to climb it in her next trip there, I told her I don’t mind to travel to Beijing again and hope to climb up to one of the highest peak together, if there's any chance.  

Tea was first introduced to Portuguese priests and merchants in China during the 16th century. Tea has since became a popular drink in Britain during the 17th century where the British 1st introduced tea production, as well as consumption to India in order to compete with the Chinese monopoly on tea. Back to the today’s reality world of China, if you have travelled to China very often like me you’ll know that the Chinese really know how to do their business successfully in every parts of China, from the rural areas to the urban areas. They're survivors everywhere, there's no doubt about it. Not only they brain-washed you 1st with their health benefits by taking different kinda tea that can help you to relax or detox, for beauty purpose or longevity means which can cost you thousand of dollars in a small can/casing only. 

Then they would offer you many kinds of attractive gifts like a set of traditional Chinese Tea Set with dragon lights, usually to attract the tourists and they ended up buying it just for the gifts itself. I think the gift they offered for the tea lovers is worth it because it cost about a few hundred RM in retail price and it's nice too. A few of them have prepared themselves to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang tour to buy that few thousand dollars of Oolong Tea(Black Dragon) in Ringgit Malaysia, not only in RenMinBi cash, as they are the tea lovers for many years already. That’s why sometimes why so many people love going to China because they’re actually looking forward to shop in China, besides touring around China.

Our China trip may have cost us RM3000+ for a traveller, or if you're going to Jiuzhaigou can cost you about RM5000+ with another local flight inclusive, but usually they ended up using RM8000-20,000 per couple with all the shoppings done at the end of our China trip. In fact, my pretty friend actually enjoys the tea ceremony with the pretty Chinese ladies teaching us the right ways of taking tea in a more lady-like manner. The men can drink in whatever style they wanted to if they’re not into following the tea rituals at all, but the women need to follow the strict ways of taking the tea in the right/correct ways as we're destined to be born with gentle gestures like a  lovely lady.

Usually, all of us would laugh out loud having good times, great taste together during this tea intimate session among the group members for hours before the luxury lunch. They would served us yummy, healthy snacks like ‘Gui Fa Gou’(Osmanthus Flower), one of the famous snack for the Qing Dynasty Emperors, not forgetting some fruits or vegetables pickles, biscuits and candies taking along with all different kinds of teas. One of my friend Cat who told me she's planning to travel to China again as she really enjoyed the tea ceremony+shopping so much, somewhere somehow this tea experience really hit such a great impact for many of us. 

To me, I have travelled to China for so many times already since I was 20 years old started from Shenzhen, China and even Guilin also I have travelled there two times liao, I lost count how many times I have enjoyed all this tea ceremonies before. I still enjoy having the tea session all the time because every parts of China that I have travelled, they have different kinds of teas originated from different parts of regions in China. Even now in USA, people there are getting inspired and trying to adapt the Chinese culture by enjoying the premium Chinese tea and playing Mahjong in English version by using the same Chinese-styled 'Flowers, East, West' when they threw the tiles out. Haha...not only the famous 'Modern Family TV Series' featured many of the ancient Chinese culture, nowadays I watched 'The Listener TV Series' from Canada also like to share the Chinese culture about Mahjong, Feng Shui and the famous Chinese language they're trying to learn to speak now. 

They loved the Chinese culture so much, there's a demand for something about China they wanted to show off in their TV series too. It was interesting and inspiring at the same time. Obviously, everyone should know that the green tea is not originated from China but they're still producing it and selling it if there's any request from clients as they will not 'Fong Go', slipping any chance of losing any of the tea business to any parties but it's definitely not my choice in green tea as I prefer the authentic Japanese Green Tea from Japan only. If you're planning to travel to China soon, make sure you plan to attend their special tea ceremony to learn more about the tea history, tea table manners and the tea health benefits to get you started in getting close to China 1st. Then you can start your shopping spree fun times with your family and friends with all the bargaining skills you have in mind and finally, enjoying those memorable memories you'll never forget for the rest of your lives. Viva China and enjoy your favourite tea everyday after your daily meals!     

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