Friday, August 22, 2014

LifeCell The World's 1st All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment Cream Review

First and foremost, I would like to extend my sincere thank you wishes to LifeCell Chloe and Gladys, not forgetting Yivon who connected us all in this 14 Days Challenge at the very 1st place. I was so busy for my Autumn/Winter Project last July with many new projects in hand for the Japanese market this year of 2014, they patiently waited for me for about a month to accept their generous offer. I was glad I finally made it that fateful afternoon as I have better, clearer picture of what LifeCell brand is all about after the great meeting with Chloe and Gladys. I have heard and read so many good reviews of this 'The World's 1st All-In-One Anti-Aging Treatment Cream' from all over Facebook and magazines, that tempted me so much wanting to get my hand to try on it asap. 

This cream was inspired by Nobel Prize-Winning research, a sophisticated blend of highly advanced anti-aging ingredients formulated at clinically effective levels that drives the LifeCell revitalization process. I'm always the kinda person who loves to keep updating myself with the latest and advance technology in beauty, health and wellness. Such a coincidence, fate has brought us together in this circle of beauty aficionados where Yivon shared my blog with her new company recently and they decided to invite me to take up this 14 Days Challenge. We finally meet up after many great attempts to meet with much efforts to start on this beautiful journey of anti-aging new breakthrough that is suitable for my age of 38.

In science, gravity force is bound to happen naturally in life, no matter what you do and how hard you've tried to prevent it. Same goes to aging where I usually practise holistic kinda wellness to age gracefully and beautifully, without having to suffer in pain to gain in the name of beauty. I was very excited to try it but I have informed Chloe that I would only start the anti-aging journey on the 1st-14th of August 2014. 1st time when I applied it on my left side of face, I put on this much and I can felt that my skin was lifted up one side up. 

When Rambo took pictures for me, he asked me why my left hand side of the face look lifted up so much like imbalance like that. Haha...I explained to him that I only applied it on one side of my face only and leave the right hand side using other brand of skincare. This is the 1st, extraordinary challenge I've never tried before, so I remained totally cool going through it. The next other days, I applied the cream in lesser portion than the 1st time as to prevent myself from feeling too tight and uplifted just like the 1st time magic show.

On the 7th day application through the challenge, my skin near the laughing lines and my left cheek begin to experience some light peeling with rough patches of skin flaking out bit by bit. I told myself to stay calm and cool about it until the end of the 14 days challenge. After the 10th days, those rough patches have smoothen back to normal skin that look like a new reborn skin. I like to feel and touch my baby smooth skin after the 14 days beauty journey just to feel 'song'(great) about it. The reason why I wanted to test this challenge on my left hand side is because of the stubborn, long laughing line that seems to get deeper and longer this year of 2014.

But thank God LifeCell has help to shorten and lighten it back to my usual laughing line. I'm grateful that I have cultivated some patience and much discipline to wait for 14 days long to see the tremendous result with LifeCell Anti-Aging Treatment Cream. Now I know why the celebrities, royalties and beauty experts have sworn in their real life stories/testimonials that they only need this LifeCell Treatment Cream to see obvious result in keeping their skin healthy and pretty. Only one cream is sufficient to give such wonderful good results, now I believe it too because I have seen it myself!

During this 2 weeks challenge, that Sunday night my sis Toto told me I looked slim and having tight skin on my face. Haha...she didn't know I'm actually on a 14 days beauty journey hoping to achieve a firmer skin with LifeCell, but Rambo knew as he told me he can see the obvious uplifted skin on my left side compared to the right side of my face almost everyday. I would say it's an effective cream that can work wonders for women who are experiencing sagging skin, having dull and dehydrated skin like me, as the cream is easy to absorb into my dehydrated skin like water, yet leaving my skin velvety-smooth like a baby. 

Gladys have been keeping track with my daily updates on this challenge by asking me from time to time if I've experience any allergy reaction, redness on sensitive skin or feeling tingling sensation. Actually, my skin is considered normal skin, sometimes I do face some sensitivity reaction but for this LifeCell Cream, I only experience some tingling sensation that I kinda enjoy feeling it sometimes as I know that this cream is doing its amazing job for me from within. I believe it works like a repair cream for me, as after the 14 days period it actually revitalised and rejuvenated my dull skin to a new-reborn skin.

I know the price of RM689 can be costly for many as some may not invest so much for the name of beauty, but I think it's totally worth it to pay this price for a youthful, beautiful skin for beauties who can afford it and willing to pay for the name of beauty.  To me, I rather use an effective cream, applying it on my face and neck everyday religiously to maintain a beautiful, youthful skin rather than to inject Botox on my face. I have no comments to others out there who opted for Botox injections as I believe everyone have their own choices to look pretty in their own ways, by all means go for it if it really makes you happy. 

But for my family+friends who usually asked for my opinion in staying pretty always, I usually recommended them to age gracefully by going through a healthy journey like this with me. At the end of the day, as long everyone is happy in a win-win situation achieving our golden dreams together wonderfully, life is worthy to live beautifully and joyfully together. To get up close with LifeCell Malaysia, check them out at or 

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