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SWISS LINE Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 – A Bouquet Of 24 Anti-Aging Ingredients

Swiss line has launched the Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24, a new generation of moisturizer with a host of 24 ingredients that promises to deliver noticeable bloom for the skin. Thanks to Su for making such a great effort calling me for so many times before and after Hari Raya holiday just to get in touch with me for this blog update. I honestly told her I didn't receive her calls and email at all. When we finally met that afternoon to collect this cream I've loved using for many years already then she told me her email was having some problems. Anyhow, I told her I was very grateful that she really took the initiative to finally reached me for this lovely review. 

Water is a giver of life. Without it, flowers will wilt and human will not survive.  On the surface level, the skin surface, sustaining hydration at optimal level is the first requirement of our skin’s well-being in order to keep age markers at bay. A hydrated skin aids in the preservation of its intrinsic and perfunctory functions of protection by intensifying elasticity, suppleness, and plasticity.  After all, water makes up 70% of the skin and 65% of the epidermis.

The launch of the new Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 marks the dawn of a new path to skin hydration with the recent research on Salicornia herbacea, a hardy costal plant. Research reveals that Salicornia herbacea is able to stimulate the synthesis of natural moisturizing factors to ensure that water is not only drawn to the skin, but remains there.
*Note: The role of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) was first introduced by Swiss line in 1989 with the Filaggrin Defence System

Swiss line has boosted the efficacy of the Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 with botanical extracts, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants; in an orchestrated action to moisturize, nourish, tone and deliver the ultimate comfort to the skin. The skin will find this deeply moisturizing cream with soft-touch texture an indulgence.

The Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 joins the Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 in the Swiss line Force Vitale range for a complete cream and serum regimen. The Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 is an intensive moisture surge to comfort the skin and to kick-start a revitalization process.

The Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 is a 24-hour drench of hydration and nourishment for the skin, thanks to the action-packed power of the Aqua-Vitale 24 Complex and the Alpine Bio Extracts.

Aqua-Vitale 24 Complex
The Aqua-Vitale 24 complex is an active derived from 24 different nutrients, including water binding agents, anti-fatigue plant extracts, energy and oxygen boosters, vitamins, trace elements, and anti-oxidants among them. They are added for their ability to promote healthy, rejuvenated and hydrated skin. The complex performs three main activities on the skin – Hydration, Boosting Energy and Radiance and delivering Antioxidant function.

Hydration – Owning to a recent research on Salicornia herbacea (a hardy costal plant), Swiss line scientists have created an entirely new approach to skin hydration. The plant was found to have adapted to soil with very high salt content by developing water and ammonium ion transporters. Swiss line scientists have leveraged on the transporting ability of the plant to not only support the natural moisturizing factor action but also counteract the loss of urea levels in the skin, which they have termed TEUL (Trans Epidermal UREA Loss).

Boosting Energy and Radiance – An extract obtained from the bark of the South American Chilean tree helps to lighten and even out skin complexion by preventing the activation of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of melanin.  The extract, combined with stabilized vitamins A, C and PP, helps to improve the texture and smoothness of the skin, thereby maintaining an overall look of healthy skin while zinc, copper and magnesium help to stimulate cellular metabolism.

Antioxidants – Powerful antioxidants that work on a 24-hour cycle are incorporated into the product to fight free radicals during our waking hours and scavenge oxidants during our sleep repair hours. It includes rice and pomegranate extracts which boost antioxidant and skin protection action. The rice extract delivers strong moisturizing properties and sun-damage protection.  Pomegranate extract acts to remarkably reduce oxidative stress on the cellular level (DNA protection).  A good dose of vitamin E is added to improve skin resilience and prevent damage caused by radiation.

Alpine Bio Extracts
The Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 contains a bouquet of concentrated organically grown Swiss Alpine plants; edelweiss, daisy flower, yellow gentian and coltsfoot.  These provide antioxidant, re-mineralizing, purifying and brightening properties.

Edelweiss Extract - Edelweiss has antioxidant and DNA protective properties. It also delivers anti-inflammatory effect. This plant develops strong protective metabolites as it grows at high altitudes and has developed a resistance to strong UV rays.

Daisy Flower Extract - Daisy flowers help to fight pigmentation disorders and dull complexion, ensuring an even skin tone.  They influence the biochemical pathways involved in melanin darkening, owing to their bio-available polyphenols (powerful plant antioxidants) and their reduction of tyrosinase expression.

Yellow Gentian Extract – Yellow Gentian is renowned for its moisturizing, softening and soothing virtues. Gentian also contains purifying, toning and astringent properties, as well as remineralizing and antioxidant actions.

Coltsfoot Extract – Coltsfoot is used for its moisturizing, regenerative and soothing properties.  It also contains purifying, exfoliative and astringent properties owing to its organic acids and tannins.

The Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 can be applied day and night, over the face and neck.  It may be used after FV Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 for best results. The Swiss line Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Cream 24 is retailed in a 50ml jar at RM498.  The Swiss line Force Vitale Aqua-Vitale Serum 24 can be purchase in 30ml acrylic pump bottle at RM538.

Swiss line products are available at over 50 Cheerful Beautique member beauty salons nationwide, including Energy Day Spa at Great Eastern Mall (Ampang) and Damai Sari (Mont’Kiara). For the full list of Beautique member locations, logon to

About Force Vitale
Swiss line launched the Force Vitale collection in the year 2000. The collection is an exquisite range of products inspired by the Alpine ecosystem. It combines potent botanical extracts with proven efficacy together with powerful natural antioxidants to visibly smooth, moisturize and protect the skin against the signs of premature aging.

About Swiss line
Swiss line, a revolutionary, anti-aging Swiss skincare brand with both a consumer and professional range, combines a proud heritage in the field of cellular therapy, a paramedical approach to beauty and a penchant for innovation. Behind the Swiss line name lies a heritage of the highest standards in cosmetic treatment.

Swiss line has established its global anti-aging science and product strength in the market with star lines of products such as the CELL SHOCK range; the CELL SHOCK WHITE range; the FORCE VITALE range; the WATER SHOCK range and the AGELESS PURITY range.

Swiss line is founded by Prince Michael Massalsky in Switzerland more than 20 years ago. Extensive, ongoing research involving top Swiss skincare specialists leads to the advanced formulas based on botanical ingredients. Rigorous product development and formulation techniques guarantee that only those products delivering remarkable immediate and medium-term results carry the Swiss line name.

All Swiss line by Dermalab products are developed and manufactured in Switzerland in accordance with the highest Swiss quality standards. All treatment products are dermatologically and safety tested, non comedogenic (do not block pores or cause acne) and screened for potential sensitizers and irritants. For more information on Swiss line, log on to

About Cheerful Beauteepro
Cheerful Beauteepro was established in 1983 as the marketing division for the Cheerful Group trading company supplying cosmetic products and beauty equipment. Operations in Malaysia first started in Kuala Lumpur in 1988. Within a year, business flourished and another branch in Singapore was established. Today, Cheerful Beauteepro has a partnership of more than 100 Beautique Members (Beauty Centres) nationwide with expansion plans in the future. Cheerful Beauteepro is the sole distributor of Swiss line products in Malaysia. The company has also established a successful marketing and distribution line for Carole Franck, Dr. Rimpler, and Isabelle Lancray beauty products.

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