Sunday, August 31, 2014

ETUDE HOUSE Juicy Cocktail Manicure

I always told myself don't buy any more of the new nail colours in town, yet I
still can't help myself ended up buying not just one but two new sets altogether.

Recently, I have many new Orange colour collection for shoes, clothes and bags,
so I tried on the new Orange colour to pair them with. Haha...sot crazy liao!
This 1st layer colour applied already look presentable like sweet pastel colour that
suits any colour you try to pair with. And you only need to paint it once on nails. 

The 2nd layer is even sexier, sizzling and sparkling with orange shimmer colour
that shines like nobody business. And it's very easy to apply as after I've finished
applied the 1st layer, I can start painting this No.2 colour on my nails already.

Last but not least, if I wanted an obvious Orange colour then I can apply the No.3
colour that shining and glowing like the real persimmon fruit. This colour can really
sharpen your eyes staring it for hours to be daring and stunning at the same time.
If you like it as much as I do, quickly grab it at RM36.90 for Pink and Green set too!

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