Monday, August 25, 2014

Everyday Is A Brand New Day

Buddhism always taught us to live each day with good thoughts, positive enough to recharge us to lead a healthy, happy life with our loved ones. Everyday when I wakes up feeling refresh and energetic in the morning, I would just lie on the bed for awhile pondering on the important things I need to complete today and attending those events that I'm passionate about. After I have a better picture of the daily tasks I need to do, only then I would quickly wakes up to thank my 'Guan Yin Pu Sa' and 'Amituofo' for a beautiful day ahead of me. Everyday I'm grateful to both of my beloved Boddhisatvas, clasping both of my hands with total humbleness I'm thankful that I'm able to wake up gaining much with no pain, no sick and happily living up my life with utmost sincerity.   

I remember the last few years, Rambo's best buddy PA's brother(looked exactly like PA) was in his prime 20's just got stable in his Insurance career, married with a son and he's also a nice guy, had a stroke of his life that took his life away at once. God is always testing us sometimes, actually stroke can be cured depending on the individual's mental and physical strength, with necessary treatments and supplements helping along. Just like my Uncle Gudeh who got stroke in his 50's that stopped him from pursuing his music career as the leader in 'Tung Tung Chang' group for many years liao, but he's able to live up back to his normal life until 65 years old.

From lying on the bed, my uncle was able to walk back and lead his normal life then. That night when I attended PA's brother funeral, I went for awhile just to lend our support and caring spirit to our best buddy after giving the 'Pak Kam' money(Chinese custom). I really don't like to attend all this kinda funerals as it only makes me feel very uneasy and sad about it, esp. seeing a young guy who's supposed to live up his life enthusiastically with his family. God didn't even give him a chance to say goodbye, or at least to be hospitalised for a period of time to leave his last wishes to his family. Such a sad, true real story. 

My friend Chariz also told me last year, her super-wealthy Boss's son in his 20's who got himself hospitalised for a year liao due to a freak car accident during CNY, is still lying on the bed with advanced technology that cost her Boss hundred thousands dollars bill to keep him breathing, living up till today. But he never wakes up, until today after about a year plus liao. She told me, her Boss is super rich and have tried so many ways liao to help him to come back into our reality world, even trying out all the whatever Chinese kinda superstitious ways and Christian group praying for them also ended up to no avail. 

Such a pity, esp to the mom who have sacrificed so much for him, 'Yeong Dou Hui Gam Dai' (raised him up to a big boy) and have been loving him so much with all the luxuries showered to him but she had to endure such a sad ending story like this. I did asked Chariz if they're doing any bad deeds that can end his life like this, she told me not really. Then, I told Chariz to get them the 'Ping On Fu'(Safety Amulet) to put under his pillow and never stop praying for him everyday. I did that all the time, every time I visit anyone in the hospital uncles. That's what she can do, at least to lend her support for the family besides visiting him from time to time. 

Destiny can be change, provided you have truly striving your very best to cultivate good deeds all the time. In fact, many times I gave out the 'Liao Fan's 4 Lessons' books to my mom, bro-inlaw to read it and master it, they told me such a thick book they couldn't finish it and everytime they read it, they fell asleep. Haha...Aiyo, such a waste I told them. I have read the thick book for so many times yet I still come back referring to it all the time because the magic of happiness lies deep inside the contents of this book. You only need to read this book to succeed in life, to stay happy and living up the life you wanted to change all along your life.  

You know why sometimes people who worked hard like a Bull for so many years, yet they're never successful in life and never have enough to cover their families' expenses. There are many, many reasons when you wana discuss about this topic. But let's take an example of a real life experience that's happening in our circle of life. My sis told me one of her wealthy Lady Boss surrendered one of her beauty business this year due to the 'Pandai punya government' that got her so fed-up, she rather use the money to enjoy her life better by buying a new Rolls Royce car that cost RM1.3 million. She showed me the picture, "Wow, dashing cool car!" I said and she totally agreed with me on that. 

When I told her the salary for his driver given about RM2000+ was too less, she said after giving him additional allowances plus other perks can come up to RM3000. Somemore driving a Rolls Royce, give him such a low salary not very tally with the status, I added again. But then she told me her expenditures for her lifestyle is too high like a mountain already, she needs at least RM150,000 to cover up all the expenses of bodyguards, kids' International school fees, luxury home while waiting to sell her KL Bungalow for 2 years liao still no buyers yet at this time of economy, and with all the lavish parties thrown by her every now and then. And it's not easy to maintain a big business here in Malaysia, when things can go grey instead of black and white rules set by these people. 

Rambo also told me that night after a friendly gathering with all his buddies+only Rose of me, where he said that he can feel how hard SA's position standing in building this passion business with the tycoon in the games of business. They have invested about RM2 Million dollars in the business, but they expect to get back their capital with an impressive report through him. And I explained to him, 'Emm San Fu Yau Dim Dak Sai Gan Choi' that means if you don't go through the never-ending hardships, how can you expect to reap the fruits of prosperity. In fact, you should be proud of yourself after you succeed to achieve your goals and dreams in 'Pak Sau Hing Ka', through your own efforts and independence to achieve success. Many of my rich, wealthy friends also worked their butts up to reach where they're standing high now.

That's why I always told him no need to be jealous or envious on others who have a big car or big house since he can afford to own it now too. Behind the happy face of PA who drives a brand new Mercedes Benz, he had endured so much hardships and sweats to be standing pridefully here today. Obviously, Rambo is happy for his good buddy because all of them came from very humble beginnings for 20 years already, and they deserved to live a happy life after all the hardworks of planting their gardens with much love and care. I'm sure God have two big eyes to see that and granted them the good fortunes they have cultivated over the years. 

Everyone have their own choices in life to determine what kinda life you want it to be, as long you're happy at the end of the day. But in the midst of achieving your dreamy goals and glory, you're not supposed to step, harm and hurt other people along the journey. Sometimes, why some friends told me they're not happy and satisfied with some of my friends who achieve success, living up a grandeur life because they have intruded into their privacy and stepping onto their tails. The reason being when you're stuck in a competition or games, you don't have to win everything or 'Bolot' other people' chances to win that title. If you're destined to win, you will win the title provided you have did your very best to dress for the occasion. 

Just like the Avon Instinct Party, I have dress-up as a Leopard Lady and won the best-dressed award without having to fight/compete with anyone to win the title. 1st of all, when you plan to attend all the events, never expect too much from anyone to be biased for you. Just attend the event with an open mind and open heart to enjoy the party with your loved ones, and if you win it because you really stand out from the rest then you totally deserves to be the best of the best. With this kind of win, the Chinese used to call 'Yeng Dak Gau Guong Wing' only then you can stand prideful of the win with much respect from others. Never ever steal other people's limelight just to win something that you want so desperately, leave it to the natural flow to go through the flow like a river. Amituofo!

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