Tuesday, August 12, 2014

SHILLS Miracle Fit Lift

Last Saturday 9th Aug: SHILLS Miracle Fit Lift Pink theme at 
Celebrity Fitness Lot 10, Kuala Lumpur from 3-5pm.  

SHILLS beauty care on display, from skincare to bodycare range where they have total
confidence of their products that can guarantee you a miracle result to achieve 

firm skin and fit, slender body by using it disciplinary in your daily routine.  
You can read SHILLS Miracle Lift Launch when they 1st launched it early January 2014
SHILLS have invited Taiwan famous Beauty Celebrity Zach Lu for this time beauty sharing
with us. He's cute and nice to share his beauty tips that day mainly focus on contouring
a perfect body shape and c
reating perfect V-shaped facial contours with massages.  
After a demo on Miracle Lift serum trial, Jess was invited by SHILLS for the Miracle Lift
bodycare range trial to get the obvious result of getting slimmer on her arm and leg.

One of the SHILLS body scrub I liked very much, not only it smells heavenly reviving but
it also managed to smoothen my skin to soft and smooth baby skin instantly.

Ellis was having a good time, comfortable massage by SHILLS expert after adding more
of the Miracle Lift body serum on her skin. Well, we were having lots of fun that afternoon
trying and beautifying ourselves with Miracle Lift products obviously with lots of laughter.

The moment of excitement came at last after all the beauty trials, the lucky draw from
SHILLS, MBG Fruits Hamper and Celebrity Fitness. Everyone got very excited about it!

Last but not least, a picture perfect with Zach Lu at the end of the day where Rambo
wondered if he's the Korean star from the famous series but I told him he's a famous
Taiwanese Beauty Guru that lookalike only. Haha...not bad my dear, he knew the stars!