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French Leading Organic Beauty Brand MELVITA With Over 30 Years of Beautiful Heritage Opens Its New Concept Store In 1Mont Kiara Mall

Good news for organic aficionados! French organic beauty pioneer - Melvita has recently opened the door to its new concept store at 1 Mont Kiara Mall, Kuala Lumpur where consumers around the area get to enjoy an eco-friendly organic shopping experience. Truly inspired by the pioneering flagship store in France, the new store echoes “Nature at Heart”, a spirit of Melvita.

Upon entering the store, Melvita wants shoppers to feel as if they are sheltered from the harsh weather outside and be treated and pampered to a relaxing twittering birds and buzzing of bees background sounds fill the air, welcoming customers on a trip into the heart of nature. The elements that represent the classical values connected to Melvita are explicitly present throughout the design. The materials are those typically found in the nature: tree trunks reaching the ceiling; preserved moss and bark forming beautiful green walls, leading the customers to discover the brand’s remarkable organic and natural beauty identity.

Many parts of the wall and product plinths are derived from the beehive honeycomb structure, to demonstrate Melvita’s effort towards safeguarding the bees and promoting beekeeping. This fun element is complemented with slick modern fixtures and facets to fully exhibit the brand’s founding principles of nature commitment in a contemporary, holistic and welcoming setting.

Just like the other Melvita boutiques, 1 Mont Kiara new concept store offers beauty and skincare products for women as well as men, with a wide selection that includes face care, body care, hair care and even hygiene products, among others. Product formulations are proudly organic and the ingredients are hail from organic farms and other sources that practice a true respect for nature. The extensive product collections are all certified by ECOCERT France, and fulfil the standards of COSMEBIO France (Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics).

Two signature ranges are definitely the organic Beauty Oil and organic Floral Water. That’s why a Beauty Oil Bar with 3 giant oil tanks are set up in the boutique to let the customers to exploreMelvita’s large collection of organic plant oil. Also can be seen is the organic Floral Water Zone featuring the brand’s iconic organic Floral Water.

 As we all know environmental damages we are facing today is becoming more crucial.  It is everyone’s duty to protect the environment in order to protect the global community and generations to come and hence lifestyle change is important as one small step can make a difference. The new store also practices “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” concept to encourage customers to go green by bringing back empty skincare bottles for recycling. With each recycle and purchase of skincare above RM200, customers are entitled to receive a “Thank You” skincare giftset worth RM109. This promotion is valid until 31st October 2014.

Come explore the new concept and play a part in protecting the environment today at Ground Floor, 1 Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. I personally fell in love with the natural beauty concept during my 1st visit there, I liked that it looks eco green and tempting enough for me to shop in Melvita. The other Melvita Boutiques are located at I Utama 1st Floor and Mid Valley Ground Floor. There's also an Online shopping now available at or visit them at Facebook page at

Leading French organic skincare brand Melvita was founded in 1983 by French biologist and beekeeper, Bernard Chevilliat. Besides being one of the pioneers in the world to gain the French ECOCERT and BIO certificates for organic products, it has been leading the world in setting trends of organic beauty care, with its unique formulas developed using more than 600 types of quality natural organic ingredients. It is known to be the organic beauty care brand with the largest range of organically certified product series in the world.  

Melvita’s organic products include skincare, men’s skincare, hair care, body care, mum & baby, and beehive products. Its signature products include Floral Waters, Bio-Excellence organic flowers and fruits anti-oxidant series, Apicosma honey moisturising series, and etc. All Melvita’s products are certified by ECOCERT France, and fulfill the standards of COSMEBIO France (Professional Association for Ecological and Organic Cosmetics). Melvita’s organic products have a high ratio of organic ingredients. They believe that using organic products is a crucial approach to maintain the earth’s future ecosystem, and insist on NO paraffin, silicone, PEG (polyethylene glycol) or PPG (polypropylene glycol), ethoxylated products, parabens or phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde or chlorine derivatives, synthetic fragrances or colourings.Protesting against any tests on animals. Using recyclable packaging to the best they can. 

In recent years, reports have shown that bee population all over the world has dropped dramatically. Ecological experts have also warned the ecology of bees will have a great impact on the future of plants or humans. Due to the close relationship between Melvita and bees and its pro-active approach in promoting the awareness of bee ecology, Melvita Foundation has been established to help local beekeepers, bee ecology research, and organic farming from different countries, to further increase the awareness of the public towards bee conservation, organic farming and environmental protection. Care for nature, professionalism in the organic industry, and environmental preservation are the THREE main philosophies of Melvita.

What is ECOCERT? What is BIO?
ECOCERT is an organic certification organization founded in France in 1991. Its Ecological and Organic Charter is considered as the standards of the organic industry. Its certification standards are extremely stringent, completely prohibiting disputable ingredients and most synthetic preservatives in products. Detailed analysis is also carried out. This is to ensure the ingredients, place of origins, production methods, refining methods, quality preservation and other aspects fulfil relevant eco-friendly organic standards before being approved for certification. 

BIO is the certification dedicated to beauty care products, to certify there is at least 95% of the total ingredients are from natural origin, and at least 95% of the total plant-based ingredients are organic, while at least 10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.*Generally, beauty care products contain 50% – 80% water. Water cannot be listed as certified-organic ingredients. 

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