Monday, August 4, 2014

Scientific Ways To Be Truly Happy

Yesterday during our usual Sunday Vegan dinner at Pine 3 Restaurant, Da Jie was feeling so excited and energetic enough she kept asking us to order our favourite yummy and healthy food from this Vegetarian Restaurant. She wanted to treat us good food and having great times together especially after the chanting+praying session with Bro Chai+Buddhist Society. There's a glowing happy light that naturally lit up from her eyes on her face. Good for her I told Rambo as I'm so sure chanting/praying can really help her to release all the stress, 'Jie Tuo' letting go all the worries and putting the sadness behind that I have persuade her to go with the flow since July.  

Getting close to Amituofo will eventually lead her to true happiness she always hoping for, purely deep from within. In fact, the night before I told Rambo that I wished to have our usual Lim Family dinner at Pine 3 and the next day on Sunday, Sis Toto actually wazzapp us to meet up there at 6.30pm. Rambo was surprised he quickly updated me with this message and said how come my laws of attraction can be so powerful that he desperately asking me to wish him lots of luck to strike a Jackpot real soon. Haha...I laugh out loud and said it was such a coincidence, it always happen to me it's purely just luck sometimes that I strike it right on the spot, right on the dot.

This year, Sis Toto kept saying Rambo has been successful in his career today she kept pushing Rambo to upgrade his car to Mercedez Benz and buy more properties for investments. But then I kept him grounded in life to lead a simple life to be living truly happily in life. Just before the Hari Raya holiday, Rambo fetch me to the LakeFields for shopping, he saw the new Semi D 3 storey that he liked very much and asked me if I wanted it so he would buy it for me. I told him "No way and forget it!" I told him honestly, I'm not a good housekeeper who can 'Da Sou'(clean) the big house alone and even if he can get the maid to clean the house, what's the point of living in such a big property with only the two of us staying there, although I know my dear Charmers are going to blast my place anytime when I have more room space for them to stay. Haha...If I wanted to stay here, I would have bought it 10 years ago. 

I always wanted Seri Petaling area and although Rambo have shown me a few but I'm not keen to stay in double storey house anymore as the last time I stayed at Puncak Jalil, I complained that it's too big and too far for me. Then I chance upon this Semi D in Bukit Jalil that I wanted with fully-furnished house but only left the T-Junction unit which I've rejected totally at that time. I believe in living around good Feng Shui for condo/house that will give me a good and smooth life for many years to come. Even my Uncle Ta totally agreed with me when I told him that I prefer to stay in Bukit Jalil, Seri Petaling, OUG and Desa Petaling area with positive Feng Shui vibes and its strategic locations that I fancy most. I even asked him to sell his million dollar Penthouse and get a nice home in Bukit Jalil since it's almost the same price. 

Anyway, I make sure Rambo stays truly happy in his life by doing things he's happy about everyday. Catherine also said that she really liked the way I motivated him sincerely from all sides, being so supportive of him in his career when we talked about the Raya Holiday I have cancelled due to his busy schedules. I told Mr. and Mrs.Lim that they can start to enjoy their lives by going travel every month in their 50's, but for this pair of Mr.and Mrs.Lim we need to Ganbatte every month of the year to gain prosperity in our 30's. We still enjoy life every now and then but career comes 1st with the completion of 4 seasons' projects, we can rest and relax every 3/4 months to get uplifted again after a great rejuvenating holiday. Catherine then agreed with my philosophy in life after I've shared my dreams and goals with her that afternoon. We may not get the chance to travel together again but we can always meet up whenever we can find the good times for each other again. 

Life is round, there's always a choice to make the right decision and I always believe setting the priorities right in who, what, how, which and why factor comes 1st, you'll never go wrong in living your life happy, healthy and pretty in life. I have just bought an ultimate healthy alkaline water purifier that cost RM5699 for Rambo and myself, besides sharing it with all my family members who also loving it and wanting to be part of it as it means health comes 1st above everything else in the world to me. No health, no wealth that's for sure. He loves my Aigner Diamond Watch so much, when I wanted to get him the RM3599 Aigner Watch he opted for this miracle water purifier instead for better and healthier life together. I think he made the right choice of his lifetime this time of the year. Thank you Amituofo, I'm truly happy living up my life!  

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