Thursday, March 5, 2015

NEUTRAX, The New Breakthrough Natural Wonder To Staying Healthy Inside Out


FWC is the only company in Malaysia that is successfully pursuing botanical drug development. FWC also collaborates with top biotech facilities and biopharma companies from around the world to push the innovation envelope. They engage contact research organisations (CROs) such as Neopeutics, Inc. of San Francisco, a leader in geomapping and chemical fingerprinting to identify active agents or compounds.

FWC is establishing a first-of-its-kind bio pharmacy chain selling all-natural products which are Halal-certified. FWC focuses on developing and commercializing nutraceutical products using proprietary and novel formulations of natural sources for a wide variety of properties like anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, anti-microbial which may help in combating or reversing some cancers, degenerative and auto-immune diseases and many more.

NEUTRAX is Cultured Coconut Extract with Bio-Lipopeptide. It is a liquid solution that can be used for consumption and application for skin, hair, and nails. It's today revolutionary breakthrough in science and technology that is obtained using FWC’s proprietary Advanced Microaerophilic Fermentation Platform. For more infos, check out or call Careline 1-800-222-FWC(392) for further enquiries. 

Cultured Coconut Extract(CCE) is produced through an advanced fermentation process using carefully selected coconut milk that's ethically harvested at a specific maturity. It has been processed without heating which could compromise its fatty acid structure. CCE is high in medium chain triglycerides converts into monolaurin in our body. Monolaurin has anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoa properties that are used by our body to destroy viruses that caused HIV, Herpes and Influenza.

After attending the Neutrax event that morning, watching testimonial video and reading much facts about how beneficial this natural wonder liquid can benefits us, I quickly rushed my hubby Rambo to take this 100% plant-based CCE to achieve an inner to outer healthy body. Haha...the most important key is to be able to slim his overweight body back to his normal size. He took 2 teaspoon of it and I advised him to drink lots of water too. He did it everyday for the past 3 weeks religiously and orderly before taking his meals of the day. 

After taking Neutrax for the past 3 weeks, he told me now he have a regular poo poo time everyday with long, golden yellow colour poo poo like a banana. He even asked me if I need a picture for this review, I replied him "No, thanks!" Haha...we both laugh out loud as I used to say that he's very unhealthy, having filthy colon and stomach because he only visit the toilet once in awhile. But now, he have a regular bowel schedule with daily toilet visit that kinda give me a total peace of mind. He's also glad to see the astonishing good result having to lose his weight progressively from 78 kgs to 75 kgs now. Bravo Pi, keep up the good work!

I took it too but my reaction was kinda bad at 1st, as I start to have headache, migraine that got me so weak during the 1st few days with bad dehydration suffering, forcing me to take so much water every minute of the day. I thought of quitting and discontinue taking it, but to set a good example for Rambo to slim+trim down his overweight and sluggish problem, I pushed myself hard to go on taking the oily liquid that cost RM60 at leading pharmacies near you.

After a week of taking it, I find it easier to consume the Neutrax liquid by drinking a cup of warm water instead of cold water. Easier to absorb and I start to visit the toilet twice a day now instead of regular visit once a day. So now my routine to toilet visit has scheduled to 2 times a day everyday without failed. According to health expertise, we're supposed to go for poo-poo visit 3 times a day but to me, 2 times is considered very healthy already.  

The benefits of cultured coconut extract in therapy oil are manifold. It's good to treat dry, flaky skin including sensitive skin as it's suitable for all skin types. It can also helps to protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun, heals scar tissue, sun burn, rashes, skin cuts, insect bites or treat uneven skin tone. Last but not least, it can be used to treat dry, flaky scalp or dandruff too. 

The benefits of Geranium Extract instilled in this Neutrax Therapy Oil is that it can helps to balance the mind+emotions while stimulating the adrenal cortex, balancing the hormonal system and the lymphatic system. That's why I love enjoying and pampering myself with natural essential oil everyday, from day to night time for many years already. This Neutrax Therapy Oil infused with the unique combination Geranium essential oil comes at an introductory price of RM49.90 for 50ml bottle at all leading pharmacies. 

I started to use this Neutrax All Natural Therapy Oil after I've started taking the Neutrax Original concentrate after a week. The moment I open it, I can smell the coconut-goodness therapy oil on my hands where I warmed it up, spread it all over my face and neck, all at once I feels like I'm back to my kampung in Johor where my chalet paradise is just next to the beach, surrounded by pokok kelapa(coconut trees) all over the place. Haha...I love the natural coconut scent so much I wish to apply more of it, but I didn't as only a few drops of this oil is already sufficient to pamper my whole face,neck and legs application. 

Even after I've used a hot towel to cover my face and neck for a total home spa indulgence, the coconut scent still lingering all over me and 'mampu menusuk ke hati jiwaku' soothingly. I like that the Neutrax Therapy Oil managed to keep my skin soft and smooth esp. on my sensitive, dry legs that no longer dry like the snake skin. I'm glad I did my very best that day to attend this health, beauty and wellness event as Neutrax brand is literally relevant and related to my Evergreen Love Blog that focused on health, beauty and wellness subjects. Tq Neutrax, you're my new healthy buddy for daily health, beauty and wellness care now!


  1. wow! i am tempted to try after seeing ur husband's result!

  2. Haha...Yea, I was surprised too and hope he can keep on losing more weight back to his normal 70 kgs. Try it, no harm since it's natural plant-based product!

  3. sound good hehe.. too bad the day bring son for Kidzania else I go :P

    1. Haha...Yea, hope you can make it on the next event then! :P