Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai 2015 - Part 2

Rambo seldom wana join our gathering be it with her sis, my family or our best buddies group as he prefers to have an intimate chat with me relating to our business talks, Buddhism teachings and family matters. But during CNY, obviously he came along as long I tagged along with him visiting family and friends having unstoppable chats, joys and laughters with everyone. This is the only time we actually get to stay close with one another sharing our life stories and plans for the good year ahead. Very seldom you'll see him in the pictures with us when we're gambling playing cards 21 points or playing mahjong because he's not a gambler, but he's always being part of the kepochi group joining our sisterly love talks in Hokkien Channel. 

My bro-inlaw Hong always complained why all of us cannot speak in Cantonese language, why we need to tune into Hokkien channel but none of them really bothered to answer him at all and continue gossiping it in Hokkien. Seeing him stuck in this kinda dire straits situation, I told him I will explain to him later after we've finished our melodramatic Hokkien drama. Haha...I always told my mom, sis and Rambo, I have stopped watching Hokkien drama because they tend to over-acting, exaggerating their emotions and stories to 150 episodes till ran out of the original story liao."Bo song lah" I told them, they all laugh out loud and my friends also agreed with me. 

After sharing our over-reacting Hokkien drama, I usually explained to all of them including the young ones who are also very kepochi about what's really going on. In fact, life is really beautiful when we have wonderful brothers and sisters to share good things together as we never have to walk the path alone and hoping to help each other while we still can. Just like the angpow sharing we had this year in 2015, Da Jie saw and wanted my Premier RHB exclusive angpow packet that I gave to the young ones. Sis Toto joked asking us "Wah Premier Banking, so how much millions you have in the bank?" I only smiled humbly and never wana reveal anything about my financial status to anyone as I prefer to remain low profile kinda lady.

Everytime they told me how rich+wealthy they are, I'm equally happy for everyone. In fact, whenever my family or friends struck lucky numbers, I would shout out loud gleefully for them, giggling joyfully for them and they promised to bring me go eat good food together. Haha...that's why God has given some sweet treats to make me happy when I go out and play the numbers for fun. I'm not greedy, like I told the 'Tin' to rain some money for me will do, just to let me stay happy, pretty and healthy with the money where I can donate some, go spa, shopping a little and share it out with family and friends. I believe God loves happy people who smile and laugh a lot not only for his own benefits, but benefiting the others as well. 

Rambo actually grumbled a lot when one of the sis needs to borrow 5 figure amount from everyone to pay her big house downpayment 1st last 2 years, in fact he was reluctant to do so. Not only to my family members, but his family members also he doesn't like to spoil anyone in money-related kinda thing. He's not greedy like the others who are into money-makes-money kinda investor, he didn't wana join anyone of them in any 'Ah Jue, Ah Gau'(Pig, Dog) investments and he's not willing to lend the money also unless she's willing to pay him the bank interest he's entitled too. He's very kind to help the needy ones, but he came from a humble beginning like all his buddies who are successful through 'Pak Sau Hing Ka'(rich by own efforts), so it's fair to him that he's kiamsiap(stingy) to others and himself as money don't comes easily for all of them.

I reasoned with him it's ok to lend it to his sister for a few months and forget about the bank interest as that's what family/friends are for, helping each other when they're in needs. It's not that you need that money desperately and as along they pay you back after a few months' time then it's fine. And so he did it and demanding it back after a few months past. He's so transparent that he actually sound it out he don't encourage anyone to buy/commit in anything if you're not capable enough financially and mentally strong too. Even his best buddy PA who purposely visit him in his office, he advised him not to over-commit in properties/material things that 'Bong Sei Hui'(clinging himself to death) for years liao. 'Dak Ge Jou Ji'(work only), where he's only working hard for it but didn't get to see him enjoying life, having fun with us anymore.  

I treasure my family and friendship throughout the 39 years of my life. I value my family+friends like 'Yi Jia Ren'(family) and same goes to them. They expect me to join them to everywhere they plan to go now. Gugu, Da Jie and Bro Chai kept asking me to join them along to one of the most sexiest island in Thailand with them this coming March but I couldn't leave Rambo behind I told them as we're both gonna be busy opening up and spiralling more business for the local Malaysian market this coming MIFF Fair. I told them to enjoy life as it is and hope that we can travel again together real soon. During CNY Cho 2, as usual Sis Hoon invited me to go over her house for a great feast where all of them expect to be enjoying the Japanese Chef(husband) cooking that day but I told her my plans to JB and promised to visit her new house next year in 2016. Supposed on my way there and back from JPO, I have planned to visit Carrie T in Seremban and Tan in Muar, Johor for 'Bai Lin' but I was late that day. 

Haha...ended up, both also I have no time to visit at all but I was surprised to meet a KL Sales Assistant from Kate Spade when I went in there shopping for a RM2260 dress clearance. She wished me Happy CNY and I gave her a 'Hung Bao' also as I believe destiny has fated in this circle of life, just like the Touch TV Series - we're all meant to meet each other along the way and how we preserved the good relationship going on between the two of us, it's all depending on our own efforts to keep it stronger than ever. And I told Rambo, it's fine to meet good people like her along the days of my life, just keep the bad people far, far away from me will do. Life is so much happier without the bad rotten apples in our lives, we don't need them in our lives anyway. Life is good and smooth obviously without them, in fact the world is moving better without having losers who cannot cope with our success in life. Delete+destroy them immediately as we don't need parasites to live with us at all. Haha...That's life! 

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