Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Positive Spirit Straight To Your Soul

My last trip visiting my sis Defney at her Japanese company was meant to brighten up her working days with a yummylicious Magnum Chocolate after I had a great lunch fine dining at Magnum Kuala Lumpur. She was so surprised I came that afternoon as I told her such a coincidence I was free that day I can visit her for awhile since it's in the same building. All the time when my family and friends were feeling so down, depressed and stressed over any problems, they shared with me immediately I usually advised them to learn to let go, strive harder now for tomorrow's future and stay stronger each day to deal it besides learning how to cope with it. 

Everyone need to go through hard times before they can enjoy life, success don't come easily as you predicted it to be. In fact, I always stretched to them that what they're planting and how they planted the seeds firmly on the ground watering it with unlimited love, care and devotion, it's all for their own sake esp. for the kids. As they can see, everytime I talked nicely with the girls, my dear Charmers they actually turned out to be so pretty and lovely to me. Rambo even mentioned to me, "Now I know why you love the girls so much, they really know how to appreciate and loving you so much" when I showed to him what they did for me.

Actually kids are so pure, cute and innocent where they need us to love, nurture and care of them all the time. In fact, they need to hear encouragement words, high praises and compliments from us each time they did things greatly, successfully. Even adults need to hear that from us sometimes because every good things that's happening around us needed good vibes and spirit to uplift us to do better each time. Just like Jess who used to answer on my behalf when everyone said how beautiful my dress was, which brand and how much was it like she's my PR. That day during an event, I told her she looked gorgeous wearing the blue dress with the compatible necklace, she's so happy she started to share more fashion related topics with me. 

That's how our women chat can continue on and that's how we can learn more from each other.Sometimes, people just need to hear the positive comment from you as to ascertain and double confirmed her confidence in looking charismatic, stunning, successful, brilliant or a good mom. So I did that all the time to my family+friends through blog, FB or face-to-face conversations as to keep up the momentum reminding them to 'Ganbatte' in achieving their dreams, goals and glory in life. Life is beautiful if we know how to positive-charged each other around the good people through good vibes and pure intentions, we would then be able to share the good fortunes together, constantly and consistently wherever we go. That's life!


  1. Dear Jacinta, a good reminder. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Angeline

    1. Dear Angeline, you're always welcome. Stay happy and healthy! :)