Monday, March 9, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Part 4

Last 2 Saturdays during CNY festive season at Desa Park City in Kepong, Rambo was busy having meeting with the Japanese preparing schedules and product items they planned to focus searching for this MIFF Furniture Fair 2015. As I have promised our Best Buddies Group we would do our best to meet in this gathering, I pushed Rambo to attend it even when he's trying to 'Fong Fei Gei' that day because he's very tired. I was lazy too as I was busy preparing for my own side of preparations, targeting my own items as well. 

On our way there to Desa Park City vicinity, I saw that DPC really take such great effort to decorate the whole surrounding place into looking like a prestigious residence community to live in. No wonder they claimed it to be one of the best place to live in Kuala Lumpur. I have visited this place many many times for dining, visiting friends and this time attending their private gathering at the club house but only this time, I kinda like the overall environment here with clean, green and serene ambience all around Desa Park City. 

Rambo then suggest "Let's buy a nice home here", in which Rambo's sis used to persuade me before to get a nice home sweet home from here last 2 years. I told him "No, I don't really fancy the location here, too far and very jam also."We had good times staying there for an hour, rekindling their school days memories that made me laughed out loud so much and getting to know Rambo more indepth from his old friends who're wealthy humbly. I can see that they're nice+true to each other, acting like teenagers although they're in their 40's liao.

The next day, they wazzapp each other under a new group and getting to know each other quite well already. Rambo told me they're happy for him having a pretty wife to complete his happy family in which I replied "No such thing, old liao. They're pretty too." I found out one of his friend who was married with 2 kids just got divorced from her husband who's not loyal to her. And I replied to Rambo, "Men, sigh. I can't understand you guys sometimes." He added again, "She needs to move in Kepong to stay with her parents now where her parents helped to take care of them when she's working. 

My compassionate heart grew stronger for her where I encouraged Rambo to uplift her spirit, mood by telling her to stay strong in life and pray harder to hope for a better life ahead of her. It's not that she's not pretty, she's presentable enough looking good so all that really matters now is she's able to move on searching a good man to love her for who she is. Men expect a lot from us actually, but I always told them "Lei Gan Yan, Yan Gan Lei" that simply means if you think you can pick and choose from the many choices available, we the women also have tonnes of good men selections we can choose from. 

At the end of the day, most importantly for a woman to live happily is to find a good man to value and loving you to death unconditionally. We did our very best to improve our personality every now and then, spiralling him into spiritual cultivation on a daily basis and doing our very best to make sure he's in sync with our plans accordingly and harmoniously everyday. Every little thing he did wrong, talk about it by communicating openly+sincerely. Never go to bed feeling sad about it and holding on the grudge like forever as it's gonna burst up one day that ended up in divorce only. More to blog about it, stay tuned! :)  

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