Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As Time Goes By, As Kids Grow Up

Life is actually very simple, to live happily ever after with your loved ones. Treasure those moments and capture the lovely memories every now and then with them. My dear Lynette love whispering to me in private sharing her thoughts and secrets with me, she made me laugh out loud so much. When I asked her, "Why your sis so moody and slept on the couch?" She spilled out the details for me telling me she's tired, slept on the car and she's always in a moody mood like this even when she asked her for a favour sometimes. "Really? I'll talk to her later when she wakes up," I replied her. Last Saturday, she took a picture for me using her mini Ipad, kept it for memories after I asked her to delete the 1st ugly one. She brighten up my day that's for sure! 

Haha...my good friend Cass sent me a 'Happy Mother's Day' wish on wazzapp and I told her "I'm not a mommy, just a nanny", but she replied me it's the same because when we all meet up for a gathering together, all we talked about relates to our precious girls whom we loved so much nowadays. Alicia have 2 girls who grew abnormally tall for their ages and so I asked, "What did you feed them actually?" She complained to me her hubby fed them KFC all the time. "No, it's not healthy at all and the chicken injected with hormone is the culprit of it all. You better educate them now or you'll regret for the rest of your life." 

Girls will only go through 'Fatt Yuk'(puberty process) at the age of 12-14 years old ideally, but her girls have matured too early at the age of 10 although I know it's due to the unhealthy food intakes, that's why we need to control the food they're taking nowadays. I always told my sis Defney not to allow the girls to take fast food whenever they wanted to, it's only a treat of sweet for them once in a blue moon and she also send the important message to her hubby to enforce the rules to take place strictly after that. Alicia girls were there when I said that, somewhere somehow they knew about it too and they also added me as friends on FB.  

Cass had a daughter, being a single mom now due to hubby's bad betrayal and she's more attached to me since primary school days from age 11 till today as we used to travel together and supporting each other strongly for years liao. The last gathering we had, she told me she has started to use the cane to beat her girl because she likes to tell lies. After giving her many times of chances+warnings, she never listened and did it again. She got so mad, furious about it she had no choice but to use the cane on her nowadays. I told her to calm down and cooling her temper by locking herself in the room or the other way round to her daughter by giving each other time to ponder about it the next time she wana use the cane to teach her a lesson. 

I always told all moms around me, "Ling Gau Yan Da Jai, Mok Gau Yan Fan Chai' where you can encourage mother to teach their kids using a cane but never encourage wives to divorce the husbands, depending on the situation. In this small matter of fact, I advised her to teach her slowly, no need to use the cane unless if she steals things yes she can beat her for that. I told her the more broken-hearted person is herself only where she admitted to me honestly she promised not to do it again if possible. I told the same thing to my sis Defney also at the end of the day, she's the one who's feeling more sad if she used the cane and took her a long time to cope with it. My mom never use the cane on us, we turned out fine somewhere, somehow.  

Recently, I heard many moms told me they really got so disheartened by their kids, not only they're stubborn and hard to teach, they even used reverse-psychology method implying to teach their mom a lesson of being a loser if she doesn't pay him the RM1000 to buy books or materials for their study even when he's rude to them. Chanel told me she's so depressed, feeling despair and dejected about the whole incident but she's grateful to have a good daughter who goes to Chinese school learning 'Di Zi Gui' having great attitude. That's life sometimes, been forced to care even after having a big fight with him with bruises on both of her hands and she only needs to 'Ying Meng'(accept destiny) facing it sadly everyday. That's life!  

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