Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Infinite Buddhism Values

Thank you to Buddhism Facebook page for sharing this meaningful message reminding all of us to learn to let go, freeing and releasing ourselves from any resentful thoughts or actions that may have hurt us verbally, physically or mentally tortured by others. Said is easier than done, forgive and forget sentence that used to 'berkumandang' melodiously in our memory, but to do it successfully when it happens to us, it takes a lot of courage, a big big heart and strong mental agility to face it graciously.

Just like my fabulous friend YF who's a Muslim, she liked this post after I've shared it on my Facebook where I used to tell her to ignore those bullies who are trying to hurt or harming her along the way and continue to live happily everyday as a good person then she'll be fine for sure. No one can touch you if you have God to protect you, spiralling+surrounding yourself with good people who loved you for who you are and minding your own business with good intentions all the time. If others are trying to harm you in anyway, karma will take its place when the time is due. You only need to live happily, capture the great moments only.   

My sis Toto is another transparent, kind Buddhist I've known in my life and I really respect her being who she is. She's so real, having pure mind to be bestowed with good fortunes all the time like recently, her hubby just found a new job must have come from her daily good deeds cultivation helping the needy ones. I told Rambo that and he totally agreed with me instantly. Although she used to tell me she's not like me who'll always communicate with 'Guan Yin' on a daily basis, she seek and asking for Guan Yin's good blessings when she's in desperate situation only. Haha...she makes me laugh, it seems to happen for everyone actually. 

Buddhism teachings are meant to guide us with good moral values during our daily spiritual cultivation. Its infinite and vastly great teachings are meant to keep us living our daily suffering lives more easily. Nobody is having a perfect life, even the King and Queen. Everyone have their own sufferings in life. Just like Catherine who used to share her life stories with me, I knew that she's a devoted Christian but when I talked to her about filial piety related to her girls, I applied Buddhism teachings also as it's important to include those great teachings in it to make sense for everyone to understand and can be accepted easily at once.  

Every religion taught us to do good, be a good person and live morally with high integrity. If she's naturally a good person deep down inside of him/her, she will be able to listen to your good teachings naturally because she's totally free from sins and she's fully-fulfilled with good fortunes to receive your good vibes as well. Those who always act on 'Ching Fu Yan Siu, Tak Zui Yan Duo' (Less greetings, More Offensive when she speaks), Dah lah kurang bertegur sapa, when she open her big mouth she tends to hurt, harming the others. Not only you need to stay far, far away from this kinda people, you need to delete and cut the relationship once and for all for a healthy body, mind and soul in you. 

Just like ADR and I have discussed that day, both of us agreed to keep our distance from the 'devil who wears black'(definitely no Prada for her standard) not because we're afraid of her, but we didn't wana stay same low level like her who's not only rude, pushy she's not classy to be a lady at the same party with us. We understand that this world is full of despicable and awful people like her, we only need to stay calm and cool about it by enjoying good times together, ignoring her altogether. I'm glad we both talked about it as I never would have thought I would meet this devil who hurt my friend before and now trying to hurt others as well. Life can be complicated having this kinda bad rotten apples pestering around us sometimes, but I know God is only testing our patience and see how far can we go in keeping our cool and zen about it. That's life!  

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