Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Part 3


Cho 3 on CNY day seemed to be an easy-going day for me as I woke up late that afternoon after a tiring day travelling to JB for shopping. I apologised sincerely to my dear ally Carrie T as my time is really limited, I was late that day and I wanted her to rest more at this point of time so she can 'Yau Yeong secukup-cukupnya' (enough rest and relaxation) for a healthy baby coming soon for her family. I'll do my best to arrange a weekend visiting her soon then as we have tonnes of fascinating topics to talk about. Stay strong there dear!

I still remember during the last few years CNY Gathering with my Best Buddies Group at KH's huge double Bungalows in Cheras, he welcomed me to his new place before but I couldn't make it that day. So this time when I have arrived, he brought me around his place personally, asking for my ideas on how to decorate his place to a grander looking bungalow plus taking many pictures there together. During our chit-chat session, he called me "Jacinta, I want a baby girl" when I handed his filial son a red 'Hung Bao'. 

I told him, "Ganbatte as next year CNY I'm going to prepare 2 Hung Bao for your son and a baby girl." Haha..."Tq, I will Jacinta" he replied me and we both laughed out loud. And the reality really has came true for KH as the next year CNY for our best buddies gathering, KH told me his wife has just given birth to a baby girl the day before. I was so happy for him and I actually have prepared 2 Hung Bao for them and handed to them excitedly. That's why it's so important to have good friends like a happy family to live on and uplift each other strongly.

My mom wazzapp my family group chat that she's back early that Cho 1 where my sis asked us to gather that night, but I couldn't join them. I explained to them Sis Toto has booked me 3 months in advance for our Vegan Dinner to take place and I've already promised her liao I cannot simply changed plans. I told them to stick on Cho 3 for our family gathering and we had a great time having good times together with Mahjong session till late at night. Seeing them happily winning my money this year seemed fine for me as not very often they can win my money that easily.  

Rambo also mentioned to me, the most important thing that really matters is time well spent with family bonding full of unstoppable joys and laughters. I totally agreed with him as to me, life is so short and precious where 'Zam Har Ngan'(just a blink of eyes), time really past by us like nobody's business. Haha...during my mahjong session also, my sis Defney shared her German Sheep Cookies with me the 'Eat Queen', she asked me about it. I honestly told her, "Looks cute and nice, but the taste not good for me." She agreed with me.

My dear Lynette who's 8 years old now, feed me the Raspberry Macaroon my sis has tried her hands to bake on it and I liked it this time as it's not too sweet. I asked Lynette if she's helped my sis making the macaroons, she told me she did and I praised her "Clever girl!" She smiled and gave one to Rambo to try it out too. She also helped me to arrange the Mahjong tiles when I go for my restroom break without me asking her for help. I showered her with many lovely compliments as she really brighten up my day with her brilliant actions. 

Cho 4 of CNY after a good slumber day, Rambo and I went for 'Bai Lin'(CNY visit) at Desa Park City for our crazy, sot sot gathering with Sis Toto and Grace. To enter this 'orang kaya' (rich and wealthy) premises esp. hers is the one in Bungalow Lot so it took a longer time for registration as we need to give ID with a long queue waiting like the KFC Self Drive-Thru. To me, I don't have this kinda patience to queue up like this as each car needs to take about 5 minutes to register each time but because it's a once a year gathering with friends and it's during CNY so I thought fine, let's take it easy then. And thank God, we really had a good time together as the moment Grace and I met, we hugged each other tightly and joyfully. We couldn't helped ourselves taking many pictures at her lovely Bungalow from inside to outside garden as she really takes great efforts in decorating her place like a tourist attraction. 

All my life, I have never seen such a beautiful place like her home, full of wonderful Buddha statues and decors all around one corner to another corner. Not only I fell in love with her beloved 'Guan Yin' that's perfectly place at the main door altar, all at once I feel very peaceful and blissful spending my CNY with them here. I also have the total respect to them for staying humble as when they knew we've arrived, his hubby a multi-millionaire actually came out to welcome us personally. He knew who I am as before he moved here permanently and considering they're half-retired, he used to share his business ventures with me before, I took great initiative giving my full support for them. I always give chance to others who shared their business with me, I never look down on anyone and I have total faith that they would succeed one day. I believe respect comes back to both parties eventually as in what goes around, comes around. That's life, C'est la vie!  

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