Monday, March 2, 2015

No Boundaries To Entrepreneurship


My CEO friend ANL is now in 'papa kedana'(very poor) state of status after he divorced his ex-wife because he gave her almost everything, from properties to all his savings cash money. He remarried again with Chinese businesswoman, a tycoon from Indonesia. He kept asking me to visit them there if I'm free to fly over. I honestly told him I really wished to meet his new wife here in KL and I'm not that kinda frequent flyer who will fly anywhere for business trips kinda person. Like I always told Rambo, the way they flew here and there all around the world too often brings no good and not productive at all. Wasting money and time only. 

That's why nowadays Rambo also didn't fly to anywhere anymore, even to US last year. I told him to wait for the free-visa/visa-free to proceed only we'll go there for a holiday, and visit their branches all along the way. US can wait, there's no big deal about US esp. seeing my friend from New York keep coming back to Malaysia looking for new business to grow and roll there. Whenever I have any business talks or meetings with my friends, we also agreed that travelling to overseas for business trips make us lose out too much of energy and time where we can do it splendidly in our 20's while we're young, but not in the 30's-50's anymore. 

Going for holiday and business trip are two different kinda travels altogether. Going holiday is fun and full of excitement, but business trips is like having such mixed mood with huge roles and responsibilities burden on our shoulder. Like I told them, I only travel when it's necessary for company meeting+annual dinner and holiday only, other than that I'll never wana waste my time to travel for nothing esp. with accidents, air mishaps happening recently last year in 2014. We can always meet here in KL or anywhere around Malaysia as long we can slot in the time for each other. 

Malaysia maybe stagnant a little due to poor country management, but we won't die that easily here in this homeland called the 'Boleh Land'. Malaysia is in fact a 'Wong Kam Dei' (golden land) that's full of great opportunities everywhere for everyone. It really depends on how you're able to find the chance to expand your horizon only. Do you know why Australia doesn't have Ajinomoto company there? Last year I heard Joey Yap also mentioned that Malaysians are very fortunate to live in this country that enable us to 'Fatt Fai' (expand) our chances and capabilities to do our business patently, easily here in our homeland.

Rambo's business partner CW who used to travel to Spain, USA, China, Dubai, Taiwan to seek for business and ended up in the end, use more money and time only to 'Lai Seong Bou Ha' that kinda business. It's also due to trust issue, where we never really trust the people there 100% and we're not pointing the finger to the Chinese in China only but also to the the laid-back Europeans or Americans who always wanted the bigger pie than yours. It's never a win-win situation doing business with them, so don't waste your time+money I told him long time ago.

Rambo's best ally Tan always wanted to venture into the business world with us and although he knew CW earlier than Rambo but he didn't joined CW because he prefers to do those old-styled kinda business like opening a branch in South Johor or doing some fun fair business when he's free to do so. When both of them planned to open a branch there, I'm not interested to join them so he decided to do it through furniture fair etc. and can earned up to 5 figure income that weekend itself. 

Don't look down on this kinda business man, it's a sure-good business that can be done here in Malaysia with small capital funds only. After 3 days or more, you can definitely earned your capital money back with high profits for sure. Just like Rambo's malay staffs I once asked Rambo to give them better appraisal so that the company can give them higher salary a bit to care for their family with kids, still after paying house repayments and utilities bills they never have enough money to cover their expenses or travel at all, so during weekends they may do some small business like selling clothings from China to the locals.

Haha...I always believe this kinda old-style business will make money esp.the Malaysians love going shopping. In all my holiday trips, I see it with my very own eyes they spent about RM10K easily from China or Japan buying all the things we came across with. Not only it applies to women, men too spent that much and they prefer to go shopping rather than touring the place. OMG, I can't believe it sometimes seeing those aunties brought so much cash to 'Lap Fo'(grabbed things) like nobody's business. Even Rambo got his hands+body itchy just like them, spending money like they can print Ringgit Malaysia anytime they want to...Haha!

Like my friend who's older than me 2 years, she has fried Chau Kuey Teow for more than 15 years liao and she had a few properties to 'Sau Zou'(collect rentals) she doesn't really have to work anymore now but she still doing it as she's still young in her 40's. It's not that she doesn't wana get married, as a woman we need to get married when you're ripe maturely at age 30's for example, but if you can't find a good man alive to love you for who you are then it's totally fine with it since she's financially stable and independent enough. In my next blog, I'll share about love and relationship topic, Sayonara for now! :)

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