Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ Media Launch 2015

Formulated with natural ingredients like camu-camu that help brightens skin as well as wheat dextrin, which improves the body's retention of minerals and nutrients. High-grade marine collagen restores the complexion’s firmness, youth and overall vitality. Contains no sugar, colour or flavouring, and is convenient enough to be added to food and drinks. 

The body loses collagen rapidly as one reaches the age of 25 years. This occurrence is even said to be 2.5 times more pronounced in women compared to men. Its effects not only include dry hair, splits ends and wrinkles, but yellowing and brittle nails, as well. For more infos, check out 

Kino Biotech, a leading biopharmaceutical company specialising in innovative healthcare and beauty products, has now introduced Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ. The proprietary formulation of which, provides skin with essential collagen to maintain its looks. 

Available as a powdered supplement, Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ contains marine collagen and other natural ingredients like extract of the camu-camu berry and wheat dextrin. Together they work to restore skin’s elasticity and vigour, keeping it looking young and radiant.

Only the highest grade of marine collagen peptides are used, and this allows for immediate absorption by the body of up to 1.5 times faster*. It is also suitable for all skin types and can stimulate collagen production within skin layers for a firmer complexion.  

The camu-camu berry packs a high concentration of vitamin C – 30 times more per weight than an orange. It works to naturally brighten skin. Wheat dextrin on the other hand, is an excellent source of fibre that increases the body’s absorption of minerals and nutrients.  

Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ is able to help in preserving the health of skin, hair, nails and bones. It strengthens individual hair strands and prevents split ends from happening. Nails are made stronger, plus the density of bones and joint health are improved.  

The product comes packaged in a convenient sachet that is easy to carry around. It contains no added sugar, colour or flavouring and thus, can be mixed with food or drinks, no matter hot or cold.   

Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ is certified halal by JAKIM. Each box comprises 30 sachets and is priced at RM99.90. Sell in all major pharmacies or online at  

Kino Biotech has announced the appointment of Azalea Firash as its product ambassador in conjunction with the launch of Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ at Mid Valley on Feb 27, 2015. As it is, she already holds the title of Miss Kinohimitsu Beautiful Skin – a subsidiary award presented to her at the 2013 Miss Tourism Malaysia pageant.

Kinohimitsu believes that Azalea’s wholesome image is in line with its product offerings. Her cheerful personality and active lifestyle is able to represent the message that the brand would like to highlight. “Kinohimitsu Kolagen Activ helps me maintain my health and beauty at all times, no matter where I may be,” states Azalea.  
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