Friday, March 6, 2015

Golden Compassion

Compassion is one of the most revered qualities in Buddhism living and it's definitely one of the most hardest quality to practise in our daily lives for sure. If you practise this quality being a compassionate person, people may have mistaken you have portrayed a sign of weakness there, but it's not true. In fact, it shows how wonderful+beautiful the kinda person you are, deep down inside of you. But not everyone can see that quality in you as in this reality world of today's realistic, materialistic social world, everyone is selfish, self-absorbed and busy with their own lifestyles chasing their dreams and tend to neglect your thoughts, emotions and good intentions as well. 

Just like the last coffee chat I had with MM who's my ex-colleague in French company 12 years ago, she told me not only I have not aged at all looking happy and pretty like in my 20's, but we also reminisced many great memories together down the memory lane for hours delightfully. She told me that till today, she's still very grateful to me as I have helped her a lot in financial terms and on intellectual level when she was just a fresh graduate back then. She's 3 years younger than me, a sheep who's very naive back then but I protected and guided her in this insurance industry all along the way, step-by step with patience and sincerity. 

I totally forgot about it when she told me all the stories, but she reminded me again she remembered all about it because although I'm a fully-qualified Dr.Insurance for both life and general insurance just like my Monkey Boss, but she respects me more than our Boss. Haha...I laughed out loud because I understand the reasons why she said that as our monkey boss was indeed a naughty monkey menace he can be. When he tried to call anyone of us, none of them actually wanted to take his calls at all and when he succeed to call me, he asked if the others are with me or not so I can help him to deliver his message to them urgently.

She added again that she's very happy we get connected again(me too) because life is so ironic sometimes, we lost keeping track with one another but one thing led to another, we can still get to see each other again as fated to be. To me, I don't remember what I did good to others because Buddhism only taught us to remember what others did good to us which I did and keep on cultivating good deeds to help others. And as a human, we only remember doing it when we surrounded ourselves with good+kind people, naturally we become like them inadvertently. In other words, what goes around comes around. 

I always believe whatever scenarios and outcome that's happening to us must have come from the 'Yan Guo'(cause and effect) reactions we have did in the past. Sometimes, it will come back and haunt us if we didn't resolve the matter amicably, diligently. My monkey boss used to share with me about his personal matters all the time during our meetings with clients together, be it financial matter or family matters. In fact as a Green Colour Personality with No.4 based on my personal date of birth, I evaluate the whole picture story of his Monkey Personality fairly, I advised him not to go on living like this way with his monkey actions+behaviour, or they'll ended up divorcing each other sooner or later only.

But I knew he won't listen and learn as who can change his monkey character that easily after having to live like this for more than 40+years, he's just a normal human being like the others. And the ironic part is, I heard my friend who's still dealing with him regularly and for men, they tend to share everything about their A-Z lives, I knew that he got divorced after he retired from the company. I have the total empathy for him, but life goes on and it's not that I didn't give him any advise, I already did what I can giving him all the important pointers and tips honestly and sincerely as a friend.

Actually, my monkey boss is a nice person deep down inside of him but he was born a Monkey, somewhere somehow he's characterize to have distinctive nature of being who he is where you cannot simply a change a person for whoever he is naturally. You can only try to tolerate and accept him for who he is. In fact when he called me for the interview, asking his good buddy along who's also a qualified AMII like us, he wanted me to join his team starting work asap liao on Monday. But instead, I asked him what's his Chinese horoscope before I decided to join his super duper trooper team like the other way round of an interview pulak.

I knew he's a Monkey, one of my best allies with the Rat in Chinese horoscope, but I told him I need a week to consider thoroughly about it. He's very impatient and kept on persuading me to accept his offer since they're willing to pay me the salary I've requested, the job perks and freedom to expand my horizon in this company. He even asked RL(a strong Dragon) helping him to convince me into accepting his offer immediately that afternoon but I still stand firm on my position I need more time to consider it before accepting his good offer. He had no choice but to relent to my stronger character of a Fire Dragon who promised to call him back as soon as I can. 

He told me he'll call me next Monday and see if I can reply him or not. Haha...we all laughed out loud and I finally agreed to his arrangement as to give and take for 2 strong minds to settle for this battle together. That night I shared my interview session with Rambo, he stands supportive and happy for me as I have 2 big offers clasped on both of my hands to further extend this industry extensively. He called me on Monday, very sincerely with the letter offer got ready for me already where I need not collect it from his office personally and we had good times staying as a great team together in the company for awhile. That's life, c'est la vie!


  1. im born in the year of tiger but im like a little monkey toO! hahahaha

    1. Haha...Monkey under the Tiger suit. Go Go Tiger! :)