Wednesday, January 27, 2016

South Africa - Johannesburg Carnivore Restaurant

'Suan Le Ba', it's either my dear hubby standard in taking pictures or my dear
Panasonic bo 'Teng Wa' for this shaky picture. But it's important to share it so
people would know one of the famous restaurant to visit in Johannesburg, SA.  

I got so tired with the early morning tours till night time dinner, I lost too much energy I only wanted to eat
and replenish the needed nutrients for my body. Rambo asked me to pose also I have no mood for it...Haha!

The Salad Bar presented on our table when we arrived that night at 7pm. This place is fully booked for tourists
from all around the world and it's lucky we got one of the best corner seats reserved for our tour group privately.
Not only we 'Jiak Ka Liao' all the salad served to us for 4 pax serving, we kept requesting for more chillies refills
many times. It's too yummy liao esp. after I tasted it the 1st time I told all of them, they totally agreed with me.

Once I get myself comfortable seated at the corner, Khay asked if she can join me at the same table I welcomed
her to sit wherever she wants and I started to eat liao. This local South African bread is not bad, soft and nice.
Rambo, Khay and the rest keep munching on the bread till finished, I got them refills also as many they can eat.

The South African Rice Wine is on sale, none of us order for this. If it's free then everyone wana try for it.
Haha...We had enjoyed too much wine liao at Cape Town and it's not that we cannot afford to buy it in USD
but most of us need to get smart when it comes to spending USD in overseas. In fact we tried before at one
of the hotel buffet, nothing special about it. 
At the end of the day, all of us got close together like a happy family on this South Africa Tour because day
and night also we hang out for breakfast, lunch, coffee break and dinner. Any 'Kang Tao' great deals also we
share out among us so that with every penny saved we can spend on something else even if we can afford to.

Khay is one of the food lover who have tried almost every animal meat available here, you name it they have it.
She even wanted to cut a small piece of the Zebra meat for me to try because I rejected it. I explained to her that
I'm a definite food lover for sure but I'm not into meat kinda girl esp. exotic animals like Zebra I had just visited 2
days before. The rest like Wildebeest, Buffalo, Kangaroo etc. also I didn't take, I only took BBQ Chicken and 
more veges to fulfil my hunger pang. The rest like Margaret, Rambo & Daisy also took veges & Chicken only.

Aunty Yung who's aged 70+ coming to 80 years old liao dare to try all the meat served for us. Haha...We
just enjoyed the yummy+healthy salad, rice and BBQ Chicken. Shark also they have but we didn't take also.

The local South African performance to entertain us during our last rendezvous here in Johannesburg, SA.
I have no energy to dance with them, just managed to watch, eat, chat and laugh out loud with them only. 

Once we had enough enjoyment trying out the local specialties from South Africa, we wanted to go back hotel
for a total rest & relaxation liao. I took nice picture for Rambo great memories of South Africa culture & decors.
Overall, we really enjoyed and had great insights about South Africa rich culture, history and environment. 

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