Friday, January 8, 2016

South Africa - Cape Town Lovely Bays

This superb captivating view is called the Hout Bay, located near Cape Town of the vast Atlantic Ocean. I
was feeling totally over the moon to watch such breathtaking views ever, from one angle to another angle
of this majestic mountain that looked like a Turtle to me. 

All my life, I enjoyed taking Crab Bisque Cream Soup and this is one of the best I have indulged over the 39
years of my life. In fact, I was craving for more of it and I can finish another few more bowls of this tasty soup
but seeing my Seafood Platter plate was full with Seafood that looked and tasted yummy, I put it on hold 1st.

The special Grilled Lobster from South Africa was succulently grilled to perfection with juicy and tasty meat
that I wished I could indulged as many as possible. Haha...But then I after finishing the whole plate of this
yummy seafood platter for my lovely lunch that afternoon, I was so full till I couldn't move at all.
Not forgetting the specialty sauces that they prepared for us to enjoy the salad, seafood and BBQ Chicken, it
was so yummy and tasty for sure. There's something special about their South African-home made sauces
that made their food extraordinary and yummy, just like Mauritius country too.

I really enjoyed this delightful African Lobster so much that till today back to Malaysia, seeing any lobster
I started to drool for it & my good memories indulging yummy lobster in South Africa came flashing back
to me repeatedly. I even 'Lau' Rambo let's go find a good lobster restaurant and he totally agreed to it.      

This mixed Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream was too sweet for me so I only took a few scoops of it before I
flushed away those fats of seafood with the finale of hot tasty, smells good South African Rooibos Tea.
After enjoying 2 cups of this naturally tasty aromatic S.African Rooibos Tea, I went out for a short stroll
around this beautiful beach. This fascinating place is full of tourists coming over for dining and surfing.

I was so excited about it, I took out my shoes and went for a dip here too but Rambo kept chasing me out from
there because just last week in early November before we arrived to South Africa, there's a case of a surfer got
bitten by the shark. And many more cases reported before, Rambo got too worried so he had no choice but to
pull me away from the beach and dragged me here for pictures instead. Haha...I had no choice esp. he's serious
about it. The surfer didn't go far out to the sea, he got bitten near the beach Mickey told us about it seriously.
After having our sumptuous lunch with spectacular views ever, I managed to snap many beautiful pictures
of wonderful scenery all along the Atlantic Ocean and valleys before reaching Chapman's Peak at Cape Point.
This South African trip is surprisingly amazed me with wonders of stunning, fascinating bays of Cape Town.
I really enjoyed this South Africa trip that managed to fulfil my total happiness although it can be tiring lot,
not just for me but for others like Rambo, Daisy who would rather sleep & missed the other tours. Stay tuned!

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