Monday, January 11, 2016

FABULOSO TEMPTRESS Hair Shine Treatment Review

Fabuloso Temptress Hair Treatment came from 'evo' brand which is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer that speaks the truth about individuality and integrity. It was great to meet Albee again after postponing my hair treatment for a few times due to my busy schedules in December month. My life feels really fulfilled wrapped up with this angelic hair spa pampering of my life in 2015.

This time my lovely hair treatment was done by Tommy and he chose the 'evo the therapist calming shampoo' for me. It's fully recommended for dry, frizzy hair or colour-treated hair. The scent of the refreshing shampoo instantly uplifted my smell sense to perfection and heighten up my good mood as well. This moisturising shampoo helps to cleanse, repair, hydrate hair besides helping to strengthen our hair too. 

I enjoyed the hair shampoo session so much especially it comes with a relaxing massage, I really wished it can go on forever and ever. Haha...Life goes on no matter how good it can be, so let's move on with the reality to kick in for the best result ever. Tommy then applied this spectacular Ammonia+Peroxide-Free 'FABULOSO pro Temptress Shine Treatment Mask' on my wet hair gently, part by part with detailed attention from top to end.  

Albee came back and joined our conversation about life and beauty, she said that she can smell the rejuvenating scent of this superb mask from outside afar to inside. Haha...It's so true, the divine scent smells phenomenally revitalizing, cognizable by natural plants that's for sure. I feel so relaxed and pampered, immediately calming my overall senses, body, mind and soul to perfection I wanted to fall asleep liao.

I love the revivifying mask scent so much, I actually asked for longer time of this extraordinary hair mask to work its magic on my hair plus scalp and I was glad I did. After Tommy blow dry my hair for awhile, my hair still smells heavenly divine and easily been shaped like this beautifully, naturally on its own without much effort to style my hair at all. For more infos, check out evo FABULOSO Facebook at

That's what I liked most about going for a wonderful hair spa treatment like this. Not only it managed to shine my dry, dull hair fantastically, it also managed to keep my hair soft, silky smooth for the past 2 weeks long amazingly. My head and hair feels so free, easy and breezy like soft, light fur only. Haha...Try it, you'll love it just as much like I did. It's definitely one of the best 'Hair Shine Treatment Spa' I ever had in my 40 years of life! 

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