Monday, January 4, 2016

Health Is The Ultimate Wealth Of All

At EIG while enjoying the fantastic 'Fabuloso Temptress Hair Spa Treatment' pampering I told Albee that she can continue doing her work at the office, no need to accompany me but then she replied;
AB: No, I wana stay closely attached to you to 'Kap Sau' absorbing as much positive energy from you because you're so strong and positive about life.
Jac: Haha...It's all about your mental health. If you're strong and positive enough, it's not easy to 'Gau Luen' your brain power of having positive vibes that you send to the universe. It's all about The Secret, the laws of attraction!
AB: Yea, the Secret.
Tom: What is that actually?
Jac: I explained to him some key points of The Secret to him, encouraged him to go Youtube The Secret to learn more about it by checking out the Chinese version if he's too bored with the English version one and how to achieve his goals by sending good thoughts to the universe with positive attitude every night before he sleeps. 

Tom: Ok, I will check it out soon.

We also talked about how life can be so short with the latest story of Tiffany Leong - one of the happy go lucky, pretty young actress for local Chinese TV series who's only 30 years old. To me, it's the ripe age to start enjoying life or starting to create a happy family at this age. May she rest in peace in another world and no longer suffering in painful illness like cancer. She passed away due to liver cancer after having cut 60% of her liver, recovering back to work but collapsed just before X'mas of 2015. 

That's why I'm very thankful to Guan Yin and Amituofo real gratefully, and very happy liao living my simple life till today. I can still walk slowly like a turtle as I'm very lazy to walk far kinda girl. I always said to Rambo and my family esp. during our holiday in Macau, we're too pampered liao as Malaysians where we can drive to anywhere we want to and anytime we wish to with our cars. And to my own surprise, I have the patience I would rather wait for the nearest parking space/lot just to spare myself from walking any further ahead.

Haha...I enjoy indulging in deep sleep full with blissful sweet dreams like the Pig, eats non-stop with a King feast like the Panda Bear and enjoys everyday life as gleeful and joyful as I can. Just like last Friday celebrating New Year Day 2016 at my sis May's new house in Goodview Heights, my sis Defney said to me, "Wah Jie, you really can eat non-stop one. BBQ Chicken wings lah, Hot Dogs lah, Corn etc, I only eat one corn" and my mom continue saying, "She enjoys the steamboat from the beginning till we're so full, she's still eating now."

Haha...I laughed out loud and replied, "Good food sure I cannot stop one." I tried not to eat too much nowadays as I'm no longer young like before but naturally, I'm a Wai Sik Queen who grew up enjoying good food and I can't help it. I'm also fortunate that this Jerine who invited me so many times liao since April, I finally met her last December where her Penang childhood friend cooked delicious Tomyam Mee Siam, Assam Prawns, Laksa and Spicy Crab for us to indulge real delightfully together. She even wazzapp me to update me the confirmation of the good food menu so I know what's really going on and what to expect that night.

In fact last X'mas Dinner gathering I told Bro Cheong also, it's not the amount of money we can earned or get to save in Fixed Deposit monthly that matters in our life. Recently, everyone got sick like the 'Beng Mao'(sick cats) - Rambo who cough like dying like that, Sis Toto cough till unable to sleep for days, my mom cough until no mood liao and Bro Hong said he cough until couldn't speak at all and it's killing him to death as he liked to talk just like my sis Toto. He really made me lol esp. Sis Toto was sitting near him when he mentioned it and I totally symphatised with their suffering because seeing them cough like that already looked torturing to me.

I quickly asked Rambo to drop 10 drops of Cellfood for his sis so that she can recovers from it asap. Health is the ultimate wealth, no health means your life is gonna collapse liao. Live life like today is your last day on earth, eat healthy with more Alkaline water intake and supplements to retain our good health. Life is really short, it's so true. Just this December Catherine, my Kai Ma from Ipoh also called informing me that her brother, niece and nephew, 3 of them passed away in October and November due to Cancer. It's not that she's banking for my sympathy or what, naturally I had total compassion towards her sad sharing esp.for her nephew who need to leave his 2 young kids and she really had no mood to share about it with anyone also.

Life is so unpredictable and unimaginable. My friend Era also just shared another real sad story with me that she just met her friends in England last October. 1st week of December she received a call from her friend who told her this England friend had just passed away due to liver cancer. She even said, "Mou Si, Mou Gon. Hou Dei Dei Yat Go Yan" that simply means he's healthy, no sick, no pain but suddenly just admitted to hospital and doctor has confirmed that they couldn't saved him at all. In just a week's time only, he left his family to another world already. My friend Era thought her friend was only joking about it but when she called and checked his FB to find out the real truth, she was so devastated about it esp. they had good times together last 2 months ago only.

That's why my friend has started to live her life real crazily now with total freedom. She told me she no longer think too much about anything, she just splurge on whatever things she fell in love with and started to travel extensively now. She even asked me to go Jakarta with her, invited me for every events or parties every now and then or just Yum Cha chatting about life. She also stretched that her friend who died of Liver Cancer was only 41, same age with her and Rambo, the Tigers. And I totally understand her feelings about it, at this age of 41 means they're supposed to be enjoying life while doing their best to achieve their ultimate goals for good life. That's why I keep advising Rambo he needs to eat healthy from now on, exercise more and remember to take Cellfood instead of brain-washing me to take Nu Skin Nutrition that cost RM5000.

Haha...Life is really precious. I totally feel them, I totally understand when they confided to me about life because almost everyday I will interview people whom I met daily at events, lunch, business associates, bestie, family and friends about life. We talked about everything, be it health, beauty and wellness, financial matters, business ventures, politics and even my dear Charmers who are growing up at the age of 8, 12 and 13 are knowledgeable in life. Whatever topics we talked about also among the 3 Musketeers - my mom, Defney and I, my LeAnne will say "Yes Dai Yiyi, I agreed with you!" She even took a nice picture for us in Singapore when we're busy chatting and said, "Dai Yiyi, you can change your wazzapp picture liao now."

She really made me laughed out loud. Although she's 13 years old this year but she's a smart, intelligent Scorpion that I loved all my life. When she met me that morning at JB, she already manja with me asking me to go Legoland and have fun with her but I told her to enjoy it with her bestie Ying Shan and Lynette will do. Before we decided to come for this JB+Singapore trip, she already make sure that I'm coming JB with her and she also clapped her hands when I agreed and promised I will go JB together with her this time. 

Last November 2015, my sister Defney and my mom were gathered at my sis place so that the 3 of us can booked Bangkok holiday with the girls but then my sis told me LeAnne insisted to stay home instead of going holiday with us. "Kik Sei Ngo", she told me while looking at me. Then my mom also said, "This Ying Shan also said she wana go for her dancing", she asked her again and YS replied, "Yes, I'm not going" The two of them complained to me about their girls but then I replied them don't force them then and learn how to let go esp.when they grew up, they cannot stop them from travelling with their friends on their own liao.

In fact in my last gathering with Jerine and other avid traveller buddies, they also told me that their kids are all grown up, they didn't wana go travel with them anymore so ended up they're all planning to travel among ourselves. They keep asking me where I'm planning to go next 2016, I had no idea yet because there are so many places I wish to travel and explore to see the world but at the same time, I wanted the best deal ever to fulfil my total happiness during travel. Like I always said to Rambo, at my age of 40 I'm not desperate for anything anymore and I'm now as cool as the ice, slowly into studying and researching where to go soon.

As long any 'Sun Ye' great deals come crossing my path with the right timing, we'll go for that. And I always concern on the financial monetary terms that comes 1st above everything esp. I don't wana forgo any great opportunities that come splashing on our ways just because I wanted to travel to all around the world as often as I can. Like the JB+Sg X'mas Holiday that we had last week, I rather go home early on Sunday after having enough shopping+dining treats there so Rambo can return to work as usual on Monday because missing one day for work due to my holiday is a total No-No. 

It's not easy to earn that kinda xx amount of money outside, some people work hard like a Bull only earned just enough for 'Kais Pagi, Makan Pagi, Kais Petang, Makan Petang'. Sometimes you see those rich ones living extravagantly and lavishly, very 'Fung Guong' one but they owed a lot of money and even asked for some loans of cash money as they ran out of cash flows that stuck somewhere along the way. That's pathetic especially her circle of friends are usually those who are very judgemental and befriended her, close to her for benefits. Life is supposed to be going slow and steady, go naturally with the flow 'Sun Kei Zi Yuen' and living it 'Guong Wing' full of grace and glory in achieving our golden dreams everyday. And my advise is quickly settle your bank loans as soon as possible, debt-free is the way to go!

No matter how close the relationship they can be, the lender told me he replied her "No money" because not everyone can afford to be cash rich always. With the uprising costs in Malaysia current news of today, I totally got frustrated with our current management of our country. I can feel the pinch in paying over-pricing things almost everything like food, toll, parking etc. I used to be so cool in paying all that money easily everyday in my life, but not anymore now. I grumbled a lot everyday when I had dinner with Rambo about the expensive parking, tolls and good food, he paid me back after that just to soothe my heart back. Stay tuned, to be continue next week of this melodramatic stories of mine as I need to go out for dinner liao...Haha! ;)  

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