Monday, January 25, 2016

South Africa - Cape Town Hermanus Island

After touring to many lovely bays all around Cape Town of South Africa, we stopped by Hermanus Island
to watch whales+shopping tour. South Africa is well known for its gemstones minerals and it's not cheap. 
In fact, I fell in love with one of the Rose Quartz Necklace at a luxury boutique
facing Hermanus Beach but I didn't buy it as it's very expensive in USD. I think
they had no choice for its quality and need to cover the high cost property here.

This Hermanus Island is famously known to be a meeting place for whales to meet, mate and gathering for
whale party during the mating and breeding season from August to November month. After that, they will
split up and swim to other islands liao. None of us really into catching to watch the whales since it's over.

Most of us prefer to go shopping or sipping some coffee here but not enough time for me to shop till I drop also,
don't say stop for a coffee since we're going for fine dining later at Hottentos Holland.I was glad we stopped over.

There are so many shops, luxury boutiques and shopping mall for us to grab those wonderful souvenirs of
South Africa to please our family and friends. I bought many of it from here too as I'm free to choose & pick
anything I liked. I didn't buy the Rose Quartz from here but I get to grab a nice, genuine one from KL, Haha!

I get to maximise my time shopping all around Hermanus Island, taking pictures from one corner to another
corner while enjoying lovey dovey travel with Rambo here because we're still young & energetic enough.

That's why I always advise everyone it's better to travel now or never. Once you've reached to a certain age,
not only our energy level will go exhausted real fast like a rocket shoot, you'll never get to experience those
activities that you can do when you're young. Plan it nicely, pushing it to 'Do or Die 'Sei Yi Mou Ham' in life.

Charmaine tagged me recently on a travel blog about spending money on travel for money cannot buy that
kinda experiences. I need to 'Ching Ching Yat Ha' on this meaningful topic because I have so many friends'
experiences and mine I need to share with people from all around the world, maybe after CNY festive season
& projects completion in February. Bear with me, sharing on travelling experience is equally important to me
with making steady, serious money for me. Haha...No Money, No Honey quote can be funny but it's a reality!

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