Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 - The Year Of The Fire Monkey

The Chinese once said good things come in 3, besides coming in pair. Today not only I met 3 new Monkeys of allies Chin Yee with the Dragon species in my life, with 2 of them sitting next to me side by side Aliza Sara & Tommy during the One Utama CNY Lou Sang lunch. 'Mou Wa Emm Sun Che', while I'm feeling contented with relaxing blogging plans to go smoothly aligned with the flows of my own business project, I have 2 almost the same paid job projects for Singapore & Malaysia invitations but I replied them to give me some time to check it out before agreeing to accept it or not. 

Money luck aside, but the opportunities really come 'Yat Luo Luo' splashing in front of me with my strong laws of attraction believe in The Secret positive calling, Chinese Feng Shui and lots of big laughter to attract easy money. I have yet to post one luxury spa treatment at Starhill but the PR has called me this afternoon to come again and enjoy another new latest Whitening Treatment they had in town. Life is good & smooth, Tq Amituofo! (My Facebook sharing)

In fact if you have watched the recent TVB TV Series The Executioner, Siu Mei Kei has quoted a meaningful fact of life that a real happy person only need 3 good things to happen in their lives. 'Sik Dak, Fen Dak and Siu Dak' (Able to eat, sleep and laugh), it's as simple as that. I totally agreed with this simple philosophy of life and it's also a true fact because as time goes by, I have met so many people in my life everyday, chatting with, I find that life is really just a short, simple journey you plan it to be no matter what destiny you're destined to be. You need not be greedy, life still comes easy and happy to be so long you plan it real nicely and accordingly based on the good deeds that you've planted over the years.

Destiny definitely can be change just like what 'Liao Fan 4 Lessons' Book had taught us to be. The best example I can quote today is my beloved hubby Rambo who hailed from a humble beginning of nobody to somebody in his Japanese company. He's successful in his own way not because he's famous but he's kind and capable enough in touching other people's lives helping and educating many others like his Japanese and malay colleagues to be good husband to their wives, to be good staff for years under his strict supervision and to be a good person who helped carrying his charity of works sincerely, without any needs to flash glaringly for good publicity.

But whatever good deeds that he did, the God will know 'Tin Ji, Dei Ji, Ngo Tung Lei Dou Ji' especially this is a small, small world people would eventually know about it too. Many times when Rambo told me, suddenly his long time friends called him telling him that they saw his pictures of the charities' deeds at somewhere and they're so proud of him. Hearing them said that, I felt so fulfilled and feeling joyous about it too because I'm also very proud of him as a good person who's doing good deeds all the time besides encouraging others to do good and able to help Malaysia country to be a better place to live in.

Although the Chinese said in this Monkey Year, the Dragon+ Monkey+Rat are going through 'Fan Tai Shui' where there will be more obstacles or challenges to conquer all along the journey of our lives, I only believe that my life will be good and smooth as long we keep on doing good deeds to enlighten and brighten our lives. And going through the Buddhism Thoughts and Teachings everyday, we will never go wrong in our way with natural flow of doing good, think good and say good things all the time. Even The Secret Laws of Attraction will only works through positive attitude with total honesty and sincerity. Stay tuned, more to blog about c'est la vie! 

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