Friday, January 15, 2016

South Africa - Cape Town Dining & Wine Tasting Experience

From Hottentos Holland mountains discovery, we reached to this Neethlingshof
Estate for lunch of a fine dining and wining tasting experience in South Africa.

While waiting for my fine dining lunch to be ready, I went to the ladies and snapped lovely pictures all
around this vineyard estate. The ladies room is clean, exclusively decorated with animal decors. I came
across a lady who adores my Jaspal Cheetah Dress so much that I purposely wear it to meet Cheetah later.

I chose the Beef Set that comes with rice and vegetables. It turned out to be Lasagna Beef instead of a Steak,
but most importantly it comes with rice and I needed to eat rice so desperately. The Grilled Fish tasted better
than the Beef. The South African signature Banana dessert was marvelous, healthy and tasty at the same time.
After enjoying the South African dining with Rambo, I took the opportunity to snap more beautiful pictures
from around this wonderful place. I've visited the Europe, Australia and this South African vineyards for wine
tasting before, but I've never seen wine of Small, Medium and Large bottle displayed at the grand lobby room.  

I was glad to experience different kinds of wine tasting experience like this especially when I found out that
every country somewhere, somehow have their own ways in managing their business. Here, their big clients
are the Japanese, Korean, Singaporean, flagging these countries' flags pridefully at the entrance of vineyard.
A short briefing about the history, production and manufacturing process before we get to tour their factory.

A short tour inside with a lesson on how they produce their exclusive red/white wine step by step process. 

Their wine are usually stored for 3 years and above. 

Let's enjoy some wine! They have prepared many types of Red and White Wine in a mixture of Cabernet
Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc free flow, drink all you can with unlimited stocks here. 
All of us had so much fun here because there's no time limit and you can drink all the wine free of charge.
Mickey+Frankie, both tour guides also keep coming to every table and having "Cheers" moment with us.

To me, free complimentary or pay on my own also I always have a limit to my
drinking enjoyment since I was young till today I'm 40 years old. To drinking,
I'm a discipline destiny's child of the 1970's baby century, I'm grateful for that!

Rambo obviously drink a lot esp. he's on a holiday lovey dovey mood with me. Haha...He wanted to buy
a few bottles but I think it's quite troublesome to bring fragile things back esp. Mauritius Air only limit us
23 kgs maximum and I had my eyes booked for the Pineapple Wine from Mauritius Airport liao...Haha! 

On my way back, I stopped at every corner for many memorable picture memories of this place. Au revoir
to Cape Town as tomorrow I need to fly again over to Johannesburg for another whole new
experience of South Africa. 

Last but not least, one of the most impactful lesson I learnt from here is the reason why they planted the Rose
plant at every rows of this vineyard is to ascertain the soil is good enough for their grape plantation. The
rose bloom in White, in the event it turned out to be Red, they need to do something about the soil liao.

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