Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Spiritual Spring 2016

Happy New Year 2016, this blog was supposed to be posted for the 'New Year, New You' updates but I was so busy, swarmed like a Queen Bee with so many things to complete and events that I only managed to attend just a few only. I didn't even join Sis Toto and her gang to celebrate New Year Eve also as Rambo prefer to spend good times only with me at home for total peace of mind. On New Year Day 2016, both Rambo and I decided to stay in KL for shopping and dining Malaysian good food with family+ friends only.

Supposed we wanted to travel to Bangkok, Thailand for the great sale but our RM Ringgit Malaysia 'Dit Dou Mou Ka Zik', fell down low till no value liao so it's not worth it also to travel there for shopping. Might as well we go shopping sakan here in Malaysia, let our money flows within our country so that the cycle of 'Yan Yan Yau Fan Sik' can go normally, everyone have rice to eat and Malaysia get to prosper from each other also. 

I met my classmate whom I called full name Ng S P just like how my teacher usually called all of us in class and we had a long chat about life. I asked her directly if she's still trying for a baby and she told me honestly not anymore esp. for her age at 41. She's too exhausted esp. when sometimes she finished working till 10+pm, she didn't have the kinda energy like before and no hope liao. I quickly replied her, "Still can if you have good health, strong reproductive system with regular monthly menstrual cycle." But she firmly confirmed to me that she decided not to 'Pok' for any baby liao after having tried for the past 10 years. 

She also asked much about my life where I openly told her that both Rambo and I were not keen for babies since we're young till today, although I had this Buddhist Master who can foreseen my past, present and predicted my future life real accurately. He listed it down nicely for me many years ago that I would have a set of twin babies based on my life destiny. I'll name them 'Valentina & Valentino' if I ever give birth to them. But I'm glad Rambo decided not to have kids for our own good and I totally seconded that. After all, Master Tony did said it's my life so at the end of the day, I make my own rules of life for my total happiness.

So far of all the Fortune Tellers or Masters that I have met in my 20's with my family/friends who asked me to tag along when they went for it, I only trust this Master Tony because not only he's so accurate in his predictions about everyone I recommended to, he's an amazing Buddhist Master who only accept Angpow based on your sincerity. He's not the kinda master who talked about money and fees but really into helping others who seeks for his help. Not only you see many Chinese who made such great effort queueing up for hours just to see him for advise and predictions in life, you can see the Malay, Indians etc. waiting just to meet him too. 

It's not easy to meet him at all, every morning till night also his peaceful sanctuary is full of people waiting to seek his advice and pointers in life. I'm very fortunate to cross my life knowing and met him for a few times. The last time I met him at his Buddhist Sanctuary, I brought back a Buddhist Book that he encouraged me to bring it back home and since then, I didn't go liao after I have found some wisdom from the Buddhism world. Most of my family and friends are doing their best to meet him for assurance sometimes esp. Shima who swore her life to me that Master Tony is really an amazing Master she had ever met and I totally agreed with her for sure.

Haha...Many of my secrets I have yet to share with Rambo like my health, internal body system also Master Tony knew all about it where he can see right through me like a MRI Scan. He's so right about my life and when I shared the magic paper to my family and friends, they mentioned that my paper was so full with so many details while theirs filled with just a few details. I told them they need to stay honest, pure and open about their life to him only then he can read you more clearly after choosing the lucky card from your 1st visit. 

I got the King of Spade. It's so exhilarating, exciting and interesting to know about your life from him esp. when I looked back the magic paper, most of his predictions about me had come true except that I'm a strong Dictator who overruled the babies decision. That's why I'm so 'Kut Tat', brave and daring enough to leave my high paid salary with high position to be the head of a department that brings no values for me also as I know no matter how much I got paid also, I would never be happy and having total fulfilment in life at all. 

You'll be surprised to hear things you can imagine about your life and he can list it down for you to take it as a guidance step-by-step, be it career, prosperity,marriage, kids' future, love life etc. Of all the people that I have recommended to meet him personally, I'm the only person he didn't give 4D lucky numbers so I asked him why? He replied me there are so many people in my life who wanted to give me money, I need not buy 4D at all. Haha...He made me laughed out loud but it's so true and now I know what he meant by that. 

Fantastic and fascinating fortune telling I had ever experienced in my life to believe it real remarkably but it's really happening to me. Let's rewind back to the original story I wanted to share about life, my mom+sis were telling me about their not so lucky stars for this Monkey Year where I reminded them again, "Feng Shui is just a guidance for you to enhance and improve your lucks in life. Most importantly, you need to cultivate good deeds and do more good things to help yourself and others based on your capabilities all along the way." 

Destiny 'Meng Shui' has already been pre-destined in your life like many of the Chinese believed that 'Sik Gei Duo, Jeok Gei Duo Hai Zing Ding' but destiny can be change and alter in your life so long you did your very best to live up your life making great efforts, get alot of support from noble people and having the right attitude, you'll get there somewhere on the top eventually. Then comes the second very important elements in our life is Good Luck 'Hou Wan', the more the better so that your life can go 'Sun Sun Lei Lei' smoothly ever after, easier to live everyday life also. You need not beg or ask for it also, people will offer it to you generously.

Feng Shui only comes at the very last resort in the event if your life is so bad, you don't even have a good & smooth life then you really need to spend some money for good Feng Shui to work its magic for you. For some who are greedy or for men who never had enough no matter how much they have also, they wanted more and more for unlimited income they usually invited those very 'Sai Lik Feng Shui Masters' to help them prosper even higher. If you're rich and wealthy, you didn't know how to give and or do charity, somewhere somehow your income can flows out easily for unnecessary things also no matter how stingy or thrifty you can be.

After explaining all these important Chinese wisdom to them, I gave them a few examples on how to cultivate good deeds like the Monkey & Dog Story I had just shared with my mom during dinner that time so that they really go start action on it. I always loved Monkeys & Dogs in my life, besides preparing bananas for the monkeys in Bali or potato in China, I also like to buy bananas or veges for them near the forest at my place after seeing them searching for food one day. Last Saturday I saw a dog running for his dinner right on time as there's this kind Aunty who 'Pat Lei Pat Hei' preparing food for them everyday without failed, so nice+cute. 

Animals are so pure, they also have life to live but they couldn't shout it out loud to people that life is not fair. Actually, life is fair and square if you know how to find any opportunities possibilities. Just like Mazlan who earned 1.5 million commission monthly, he worked hard and smart to become a cash rich millionaire of today where last year bonus itself, he got RM 2.4 million from TE company after managed to survive 6 years in this business. He's still a humble person who's kind enough to help building new houses for the Kelantan poor village financially and willing to share it out sincerely what he knows best to do this business with everyone. 

When Rambo told me how fortunate that night he got to meet Mazlan one meeting, I asked if they took any picture together and he happily showed it to me. Haha...I laughed out loud and 'Tang Hui Hoi Sem', really happy for him and encouraged him to stay closely with kind, positive people like him to absorb superb energy and sharing good vibes with each other. I also told him everyday after working so hard, make sure he's back home on time for dinner safely with 'Mou Beng, Mou Tung', no illness no pain considered he had earned a million dollar as bonus liao as health is the ultimate wealth of all. Money is equally important in life but it's not entirely the whole package if he knows how to earn money but didn't know how to enjoy his life wisely. 

It's time for dinner liao, I need to stop here and will begin to stroke more sentences for my next blog. My final summary and words of advise for 2016 would be "Remember to cultivate good deeds in any form you prefer to do willingly based on your capabilities, treat people and animal kindly and nicely, do your very best to achieve your golden dreams honestly without stepping or harming the others, give and take sensibly, forgive and forget easily but stay far, far away from the toxic people, stay away from all the negativity blanket of greedy people and action more on the plans than simply make any empty promises you cannot fulfil as in 'Action speaks louder than words'." Stay tuned for more lovely stories soon, Au revoir for now. Xoxo, Jacinta!   

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