Sunday, January 24, 2016

PANGOI International, A Brand To Reckon With Fashionable & Trendy Bags

PANGOI is no longer a stranger in Malaysia market for fashionable handbags, purses or wallets brand for modern women but also across region from Australia to the Middle East market as well. Patrick Goi is a caliber 'Ling Ching Yau Wai' handsome Founder of Pangoi brand I met at a beauty event.  He approached me by adding me through Facebook, pm and invited me to choose his trendy Pangoi Handbags where I replied him let me check out his brand 1st. I was so busy since last October with year end projects completion, I didn't attend many events also and dare not accept any blogging projects too as I'm getting busier nowadays. 

But I do appreciate for all the offers, invitations and I will still do my best to attend it once I'm free to go green for it. Usually I'm looking forward to complete my business projects as soon as possible by 2 months to flourish me more income, then I can start enjoying my life liao for more shopping, travelling and beauty pampering. Rambo prefer that I lived my days by monitoring our projects on a daily basis, laughing out loud when watching TV and enjoying life without stressing my life with additional blog project that gave me few hundred dollars. But I did reasoned with him nicely, life is not always revolved about money or benefits only in our lives. 

If it involved and revolved writing on something I'm passionate about like fashion, I'm happy to do it by showering me with gifts or products also. I was glad we finally met last December 2015 for a lunch and short tour at his new shop because Patrick is a nice person whom I can befriended closely with the same passion in fashion. Not only he's a talented chef, a ballroom dancer and worked his way up successfully to be who he is today, he's going to soar his wings higher in time to come. He usually engaged designers from Australia, Indonesia and Dubai to design and produce PANGOI handbags+purses with high technical innovation.
Today, PANGOI products are available at 6 outlets in Malaysia - Cheras Sentral Mall, Penang, Ipoh Parade Mall, Alam Sentral Mall, Pangoi KL and Kota Sri Mutiara at Kota Bahru. He also had his 1st international outlet in Istanbul, been established for 2 years already. He's planning to expand the Pangoi brand horizon wider to Indonesia and designing more suitable fashionable bags to cater for our local Malaysian market besides planning to have his 1st runway show by this year of 2016. I wish him all the best in his future undertakings and I'm hoping to see Pangoi brand to be reckoned in the fashion world real successfully to international arena.

Talking about fashion, I find that Patrick really had great talent in fashion sense kinda guy. He did mentioned to me the reason why he approached me to share about Pangoi brand because he noticed that I'm a Fashionista who loves to pair everything from clothes, shoes and bags with compatible colours and he needed someone who's really crazy into fashion to write about it. Fashion is very subjective to everyone but to me, a superb fashion sense is not necessary have to be branded from top to toe splurge, as long the brand is trendy, fashionable, quality and exclusive to my standard, I go all out for it.
Like I told Patrick and shared on my Evergreen Love Blog, fashion is all about feeling good and confident with your desirable style by wearing and pairing your favourite clothings from top to toe, at the same time feeling comfortable wearing or using it. Most importantly when you have decided to indulge fully on your passion in fashion smashingly, just make sure it won't cause a big hole in your pocket. The reason why I decided to write for him also because I fell in love with some of his stylish handbags that I liked in which I have chosen one of his best-selling Red Handbag but it's out of stock for new one. Check out

Haha...So I chose another trendy Shoulder Handbag that I can pair with my GUESS Marciano Gold Pant and my Designer Shoes that cost RM1199. As time goes by, not very often that I would kill my look with rock and roll style, but sometimes I liked to play with many different styles to make me look modern lot more. In fact, everywhere I go be it Malaysia or overseas, people stopped and asked me the brand of the clothes, bags and shoes I was wearing like I'm a fashion bomb who can explode answers to them anytime I want to.

I'm a total handbag lover at heart since I was a little girl, growing up as teenagers till today I'm 40 also, my fashion passion for bags has never stop craving for it. My home is full of wallets, clutches, pouches and handbags which occupied most of my cabinets from the living room to my fashion room. I loved to buy and admired it days and night. Rambo really beh tahan me that's for sure but he's totally cool with me now after having survived in our 22 years of relationship together, he really 'masak' with my Fire Dragon personality liao. 

If I decided to spend luxuriously on trendy handbags that I fell in love with, he'll just pay quickly and it's the end of the story. Never question or bug me for nothing unless I asked his opinions about it. Haha...That's life, one of the key secrets to keep a marriage happier and longer till death do us part. Sometimes I can end up buying a few handbags at one shopping trip, how crazy and silly I can be but that's what Fashionista do.

I buy and buy whenever I wanted to depending on my mood and when my sister-inlaws, my mom and sisters loved my bags so much they'll asked me to sell it to them. I usually ended up giving it to them be it for the new or old bags and seeing them feeling so joyful and gleeful about it, I feel happier too. That's what love is all about, sharing and caring for each other. He can't get rid of my passion in fashion leopard spot for this time.  

Another reason why I liked about Pangoi brand is due to its beautiful colour that make it wonderful, just like the elegant Green Shopping Bag tagged by Patrick and the Brown Handbag that I chose that fateful afternoon. So classy and looked luxury as well but the price is affordable for the quality and up-to-date design of his handbags. Now you can buy Pangoi Bags through online also, it's so convenient that's for sure.  

That's why Chef Wan, Malaysian famous celebrity chef also agreed to be Pangoi Ambassador who managed to shout out loud for Pangoi brand real remarkably. In fact Patrick decided to create more stylish and trendy handbags plus wallets for the men collection real soon. To get up close with Pangoi brand more indepth, you can check out and

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