Monday, January 18, 2016

South Africa - Pretoria The Commemorative Site of Nelson Mandela

The magnificent Union Building at Pretoria, South Africa is one of their prideful
government institution to commemorate their respected President Nelson Mandela.
We need at least 2 hours just to reach Pretoria because somewhere, somehow it's so important for them to
share their super duper famous South Africa historical trails to public for sure. Even Bro Chai has send us
farewell, sending regards to Nelson Mandela. And we're so lucky and fortunate to have Jenny who's also
a Professor in SA University that gave us good history lesson to kill the 2 hours boring, travelling time.
Actually I was not keen to visit Pretoria, Voortrekker Monument, Nelson Mandela site at all but after learning
about his fantastic history story with superb heroic fights in defending his country for years and finally won
the battle against the devils of politicians, I was so impressed and looking forward to take more pictures here.

I was glad to visit Pretoria, getting up close with South Africa history along this journey from Jenny. 
Even Margaret and others in their 60's told me they enjoyed her history lecture like we're attending the
South Africa University tour like that and I totally agreed with them. It was surprising I didn't fall asleep
but paying attention for her class in the bus because it's very interesting and exciting at the same time.

This commemorative site is also beautiful with lovely sceneries everywhere.
For best 'The Secret' positive vibes absorption, taking a picture of him in a
statue pun jadilah since he had passed away. Always do your best to capture
good pictures with someone who's powerful, strong, kind and having positive
attitude so that you can absorb as much good fortune for yourself. It's true!
In fact after getting to know more about Nelson Mandela's meaningful history, I find that the South Africans be
it the Black or the White people, they really respect him enormously as their exemplary leader of all time.

They only have good things to say about him and saluting him all the time for his
long time sacrifices to his country in the eyes of the world. Fascinating story and
fantastic tour of my life for 2015. Actually last 2015, I had gained so much infos and
great insights from brilliant, intelligent professors from China, Turkey and South
Africa who fulfilled my life real sensationally, happily & motivated in life for sure!

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