Thursday, January 14, 2016

LOVE NAIL Design Manicure Review

Thanks to SaSa for sending me this LoveNail Manicure Stickers for review. To try out this fuss-free stickers
manicure, you can get it from SaSa outlets and follow them at

This Salon-quality nail art manicure stickers is a 3-In-One of Base Coat+Colour Coat+Top Coat finishing for our
fragile nails. It's easy to use, save so much of my time with zero drying time and it's made of 100% nail polish
ingredients that can last up to 2 weeks. And it's also easy to remove by regular nail remover or peel it off only. 
The simple ABC steps to follow are stick on the stickers on dry, clean nail based on the nail size, remove extra
 stickers by using nail board or hand and you can use the wooden stick to smooth up the stickers at nail sidelines.

I prefer to ask my dear Charmer Ying Shan to do it for me because she's more
'Sai Sem', attentive and intuitive to art and craft kinda thing. This is the result
and Voila, it's as easy as Do Re Mi without having to apply any top coat also.
I have the Hello Kitty from this Love Nail Manicure also and I'm waiting for a
special occasion to beautify my nails again soon. Try it, it's a beauty for sure!

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