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ANTE Kitchen & Bar Review

ANTE - Kuala Lumpur’s Premier Pork Steak Restaurant won the “Best Place for Meat” category for TIME OUT KL FOOD AWARDS 2015 and is shortlisted for two years running now. It's not longer a stranger then after winning such recognized award by TIME OUT KL being one of the best and competitive good restaurant in town now.

I'm only here to further introduce the overall fanciness and tastiness of the good food galore from ANTE Kitchen & Bar to prove the fact if it's true or not that fateful afternoon with a few of my blogger friends whom I invited along to make this makan-makan event for the more the merrier. So glad I came, it's definitely one of my 'Sik Dak Geh Fuk Hei'(being able to eat good food great fortune) from the best.

When ANTE invited me for this good food review, I ponder hard and thought long about it whether I should come or not because everyone know that I enjoyed good food but I'm not a fan when it comes to blogging about food and raving about it. Even my Business Class Fine Dining through British Airways in my last South Africa trip also I'm lazy to share about it. I met many new friends from everywhere esp.during my holiday vacations where they started to follow my blog esp.for the young ones, befriending me on Facebook and keeping in touch for future trips together but I didn't push anyone of them to follow my blog at all until they asked me about it. The main subject that we talked about is also good food from Malaysia, haha!

My time is busy focused on making money nowadays as I have many golden dreams to fulfil in my 40's now. Many of my good friends have been calling me out for lunches great meals and coffee breaks which I enjoyed going out with them and they knew I needed a cup of superb coffee to keep me awake and lively for the day. Thank God when I reached to ANTE, they invited me for the best spot table for nicer pictures under the right lightings feature and served me this famous-Italian Affogato espresso with vanilla ice-cream that managed to wake me up instantly besides opening up my big heart to feel excited to blog about ANTE almost immediately. 

This Petaling Jaya 1 UTAMA New Wing updated brand identity and restaurant concept is still renown for its signature porcine pleasures, namely The Chargrilled Pork Steak as its mainstay. Their other restaurant branches at Solaris Dutamas and Mont Kiara have different sets of menu spread. When I knew that I need to blog about this Pork-licious signature menu, I shouted out "OMG, I don't take pork leh. Haha...But it's ok, my blogger friends are fans of pork, they can enjoy it fully without me." 

But Shaun never give up and invited me to give it a try after sharing a real story about his staff so I gave it a try. Thank God I gave it a try with little tiny one bite of this ANTE Signature Chargrilled Pork Steak(RM52). It's totally worth the value and with the many ravings about this ANTE special signature pork dish. I thought to myself I need to tapau it and Shaun encouraged me to do so. And he's also very generous to us that day where he ordered almost every main dishes for us to review on it. 

From hot to cold platters, we got really spoilt and pampered with happy stomach stuffing starting with this appetiser called 'Tasting Platter RM38' of Smoked Breast Duck, Jamon Iberico Ham and House Cured Salmon that's both fresh and yummy as well. If you wanted to please your guests of honour, do order this to welcome them into your opening agenda of the day.

This kind of appetiser with hot and cold choices of 3 different meats, I give it a 5 star rating. Actually, appetizer is very important in every restaurant's opening meals and this is something I would rave about it days and night although I'm not a meat person nowadays but my circle of family & friends, they are. Even this perfectly glazed-grilled Bacon can make me drooling over it, 'Lau Hau Shui' salivating to try it already after seeing it served sizzling hot on the table.

Another one of my favourite dish of soup I need to share and raving about it non-stop will be the freshly homemade soup that's richly blended and cooked with button and oyster mushrooms. The garlic bread is crunchy and yummy too, loved it so much.

Not only I can't stop sipping it spoon by spoon of it, both Chin Yee and I also trying on each other's ordered soup. I loved her Tomasco Soup too, so rich in fresh tomatoes, bell peppers and herbs that's perfectly blended to my liking in soup. Next time I'm gonna order this for sure.

For those who's into vegetables soup, you can opt for Pumpkin Soup that comes with roasted pumpkin taste which is perfectly home made with herbs as well. Very nice home made soup choices you can enjoy sipping it slowly bit by bit, bravo ANTE!

I was glad to agree finally for this ANTE Kitchen & Bar food review for Shaun as no matter how busy I was that week also with MIFF Fair, I came also at 2pm and fulfilled my duty to complete this fantastic meeting successfully. Honestly speaking, I really enjoying dining at ANTE and have promised Rambo to bring him to dine & wine here real soon. The price is rated to be in medium range, I wouldn't say it's cheap but affordable for food lovers like me who are willing to splurge on dining good food galore from all over the world. The standard of good food remained 'excelente' for me, no wonder they won the award that helped to boast about it and they totally deserved the award to back the title for years sensationally. 

Streaky Bacon sprinkled on this ANTE Carbonara Pasta is a must for pork lovers who's into Pasta food lover. I'm not a fan of Carbonara Pasta usually but this one from ANTE is not bad really. I liked that the sauce is not so creamy thick like the others till too hard to drench my appetite at all. I'm very choosy and selective one, Rambo is very afraid nowadays as he's struggling to find any new place of good food dining place to tantalize my fussy tastebuds to perfection. 

When I told him about ANTE and let him try some of the dishes, he loved it too and asked when I wana bring him here to try out other special delicacies. Haha...This Char Siu Curry Cream Pasta was wonderfully house made with marinated Char Siu, Shimeji Mushrooms and Grilled Eggplants that I fell in love enjoying it to the last bit of it served on my plate.   

This GNUDI Ricotta Cheese Dumplings RM33 are specially created for those who are more into vegetarian meals, not really a meat person but who don't wana be 'Sou Hing' when she's hanging out with meat lovers for a gathering here. Something new and special about this dish, check it out for a complete veges and meat food choices you can choose from their big menu. 

Being the winner of  The “Best Place for Meat” category for TIME OUT KL FOOD AWARDS 2015, the team has gone from strength to strength and is now proud to offer an all day dining menu with select artisanal ingredients and techniques showcasing signature cuts of pork steak, smoked meats and other delicious delicacies. 

You won't deny to the fact of it after trying out all these perfectly succulent grilled delish delicacies. For fish lovers, you can also try this Norwegian Salmon - poached & miso honey glazed, this Salmon Fish came with a generous serving of Shiitake Mushrooms and Torched Leeks vegetables to fulfil your complete meal of the day. 

In staking its name in the growing demand for good wine bars, ANTE is also proud to carry a select label of new and old world wines, making it available to the public, albeit glass or bottle. Check out their menu before choosing the many choices of wine stacked there.

Haha...I need to drive home safely home sweet home so I ordered the Frizzante Passionfruit RM13 for better digestion of the many great food I've enjoyed that day. Super duper loving it to the last sip of it, even Chin Yee loved mine over hers, the Rosie's Lychee. Passionfruit is more fulfilling & appetising because it's fufilled with sour+sweet tastiness that's able to melt our hearts away fantastically esp. for the ladies.

Although we were so full with good food stuffed happily inside our stomach for hours dining there, who can resist this obsessive desserts served delightfully for us to try on that day. Shaun is so nice to order all the 3 signature desserts like Valrhona Chocolate Delice, Creme Brulee and Apple Crumble for the 3 of us. I totally fall in love with the Valrhona Chocolate Delice that cost RM23 all at once, although I'm not a Sweet Tooth Angel but it's a perfecto dessert of all time let me tell you that. 

Try it and you'll know what I mean by that. Haha...I'm drooling over all these yummylicious spread of good food that are very famous from all over the world and it's available in Malaysia when I'm writing this. Gotta plan another trip of my own liao based on my free time and pace for ANTE dining soon. Hope to meet you there then, do call me if you know me as I'm happy to meet anyone of you who's into dining enjoyment like me for sure. C ya there!    

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