Wednesday, April 27, 2016

AKI Hair Studio Hair Treatment Review At The Verve

As usual my Sunday is usually spend for spa pampering day, be it for facial spa, hair spa, manicure or pedicure spa and body massage treatment. I used to go every month once, gradually and slowly upgrading it to 2 weeks once but now, every week once if possible. Haha...To me, spending my money on spa pampering is totally worth it as long I enjoyed it to the max and gave me good result of the treatment that I have paid after the much-indulged pampering. Last 2 weeks, my hair spa treatment was sponsored by AKI Hair Studio which is located strategically at Level 6, The Verve Shops, Mont Kiara in Jalan Kiara 5. 

When you reached Mont Kiara, you won't miss out The Verve Shops with a few nice cafes and restaurants at ground floor. I took my brunch there before I jumped into this newly-renovated+moved in AKI Studio from Level 2 and it's better to inform them I would drop by at 2.15 pm instead of 2 pm original time of my appointment because I know the Japanese are very punctual kinda species. I respect their time for each other's integrity for sure. I'm afraid my lunch time took too much of my time due to the full house at B.Lab Restaurant. The food here is quite expensive, much catered for the many expatriates who lived around this area. 

Next on my left table, I heard the couple spoke Korean and next on my right table, the Japanese couple spoke Japanese and both Rambo+I who spoke Cantonese+English were sandwiched between these 2 neighbour countries in Asia. Feels like we're stuck in other foreign country pulak all at once. Lucky the sandwich that I ordered from the Brunch Set was yummy that comes along with Seafood Spaghetti and Americano Coffee that's satisfying enough to fulfil my Sunday appetite delightfully. Besides spending much on spa pampering every Sunday of my weekend indulgence, I splurge a lot on my food these days.

The moment I went into the new AKI Hair Studio, Masa San came to welcome me very politely, offering me a seat at this corner and telling me that he's going to do a hair treatment suitable for me. Yea, that's exactly what I wanted as I never wana pollute my 4 years of virgin hair of hair colouring and unnecessary hair perm prevented from using too much chemicals on my hair. I only wanted to keep my hair tidy, soft, smooth, light and lovely based on the daily nurture and tender loving care that I've showered to my hair. As long it's clean, shiny, fine, light and soft, that's what really matters to me.     

1st time ever to use the eye mask to protect my eyes from the glaring lightings. After washing my hair cleanly with the suitable Japanese Hair Shampoo from Milbon, both of the pretty ladies begin to apply the Japanese no3 Hair Mask for me gently and thoroughly. We had a good chat and laugh about life, AKI Hair Studio history story and products as well. 

They served me a hot Japanese Green Tea that I usually enjoyed everyday at home to keep me hydrated during the hair treatment. It's nice to have both of them to keep me occupied and saved a lot of my time so I need not sit too long. I liked their gentle and great services for sure, they're not rough and remained very professional in their field of works. 

This Japanese no3 Haircare Treatment using TRISYSCORE lineup products on my hair from the hair mask step to essence treatment done smells so revivifying divine. It is through enjoying this divine scent of such superb haircare range, I can stayed for long feeling so relaxing and rejuvenating throughout the 1 hour plus. 

As you know I'm not the kinda girl who can stand sitting for long. I easily gets bored to death, even giving me the chance to read also can only keep me sane for an hour then I need to move around one. The sensational feeling of the after effects at the end of the lovely hair treatment truly means a lot to me.  

After splashing my dry hair with the needed nutrients of no3 fantastic products, I checked on my hair that feels and looked really healthy with strong structure of my fine hair. The nutrients can penetrate deeply into the roots of the hair repairing from inner to to outer layer of the hair. I'm very satisfied with the great outcome of my healthy hair which also complemented with light massages to complete the relaxing hair treatment. 

Not forgetting to put on the hair serum to smoothen my hair to silky-soft perfection. We chat a lot about Japan and he knew I'm a big supporter of Japanese products from top to toe for many years already with almost everything from Milbon Beauty to Toyota Car. Haha...And he stylishly trimmed my fine hair to layered fringe for both sides of my front hair and I loved it so much. He did it skilfully with natural talent that's for sure!  

When Masa San asked if I'm satisfied with the hair treatment, I thanked him many times also in Japanese "Arigato" and he replied me "Welcome" with occasional "Thank you" for coming and willing to review for them. I really salute his politeness and great hospitality that he had rendered to me during this lovely hair treatment. I came in lazily with my dry, dull-looking hair by tying it in a bun with my Flower Hair Clip.

I came home with healthy, pretty smooth hair and a stunning hairstyle by Masa San. One thing for sure when you visit AKI hair Studio, you can expect 'Ichiban' services that's for sure. AKI hair Studio is open everyday from 10am to 8pm, only close for long CNY and Japanese New Year holiday. You can give them a call at 03-6206 5206 for an appointment 1st before you hop over their welcoming salon for your winning, crowning glory hair makeover.

Masa San invited me over to try out their hair perm or other beauty services offered here and I humbly replied him that I will do my best to fix another beauty appointment real soon as I'm fully booked already now till May 2016. Haha...Last but not least, a picture momento with Aki San and Masa San. It's definitely my great pleasure to meet these 2 charming Japanese who flourished me this wonderful hair treatment of my life. 

Besides sharing about AKI Hair Studio on my Evergreen Love Blog, obviously I would like to share much about them with my circle family+friends because they always asked which great salons that I visit nowadays for recommendation and AKI Hair Studio is the way to go. For more infos about AKI Hair Studio, check them out at or


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