Friday, April 1, 2016

Nuvit Deer Placenta Media Launch

Cell Therapy: Rewind the Clock
Nuvit Deer Placenta is using the latest advanced cell extraction and freeze-drying technology to produce 200mg standardized, bioactive deer placenta extract from the deer in New Zealand. Special offer has been exclusively introduce to Nuvit loyal customers together with the media launch. I may not take Placenta beauty supplement all this time just to spare the animal killings but I know many of them are taking it for beauty enhancement so I came for this media invitation to learn more about Placenta supplement. 

And I'm glad that they reminded me about this media launch the day before and the week before for a collaboration between us in which I replied I need some time to do some research 1st before agreeing to review it for them as I'm very busy recently with so many events and projects, I need some time to seriously consider before committing into it. 

Nowadays, fast-food culture and modern busy lifestyles are often result in stressed mentally and physically, and poor nutrition. This may lead to premature ageing to occur. Besides, premature ageing can also be caused by environment factors such as air pollution, radiation from sunlight, cigarette smoking and others.

Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel is extracted from the deer in New Zealand. Deer placenta has been widely accepted as the premier source of placenta because it is considered to be a higher order animal. It resembles human placenta very closely due to its bio-compatibility with human and provokes no allergies reaction.

Y.S.P Industries (M) Sdn Bhd is proudly presenting the all new Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel in Malaysia. This awesome anti-aging agent can be considered as a good news to those who always care about their health and beauty. With cell therapy of Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel, it’s now possible to rewind your age clock.

Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel use the concept of cell therapy to renew the old and degenerated cells in human body. Studies have confirmed that live or freeze-dried cells in placenta contain therapeutic agents that can find their way to the weak or damaged cells or organs, thus initiating the repairing work. Cell therapy is one of the safest and most effective ways proven by many scientists to slow down ageing process. In addition, cell therapy able to reverse degenerate diseases, increase vitality and stamina, improve general health and enhance sexual function.

Placental stem cell therapy has been invented based on the concept of injecting undifferentiated new cells into the body which then boosts existing tissues to grow better, reenergises inactive cells and heals old malfunctioning cells. Although this treatment requires only short therapeutic period, but it is costly as only available at certain exclusive clinic around the world. 

Moreover, it is also risky procedure that might bring side effects such as bacterial infections, hepatic and pulmonary complications. Therefore, Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel is the alternative solution to implement cell therapy. By orally consumption, it is more affordable, convenient and safer to slow down premature ageing process and enhance beauty.

Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel is extracted using the latest advanced cell extraction and freeze-drying technology to ensure the freshness and efficacy of the extract. The whole manufacturing process has followed strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to ensure the safety and goodness quality of the essence. 2,000mg of New Zealand deer placenta is extracted which then undergoes 10:1 extraction ratio and is condensed into a standardized, bioactive 200mg deer placenta extract.

Since they dare to guarantee me that they only producing it from the excess of the deer placenta after gave birth, I'm willing to be a guinea pig again for a review of this Deer Placenta supplement. Stay tuned for my honest feedback then. I was glad I came also as I got enlightened with more details and infos to take a big leap into trying this high premium Deer Placenta. 

The Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel consists of 5 natural and wellness ingredients. It contains 60mg soy lecithin, 50mg grape seed extract, 40mg tomato extract, 40mg marigold extract and 285mg mixed tocotrienol which are rich in antioxidants, effective in protecting cells from free radicals damage. Soy lecithin provides an excellent source of choline. Lecithin and choline may aid in memory and cognitive function, cardiovascular health and liver function. Grape seed extract work actively at gene transcription level to promote changes favourable to reducing inflammation and improving cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism. 

Lycopene extracted from tomato is a well-known antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals damages. Zeaxanthin extracted from Marigold, is able to protect the eyes by absorbing harmful blue light, reducing glare as well as reducing the progression of age-related macular degeneration. Tocotrienol is natural super-antioxidant with anti-ageing properties. It protects skin from damage and ageing.

I still remember my New Zealand holiday at all around the South Island from Christchurch to Milford Sound, many of my tour members esp. the mature ones in their 40's-60's and a Chinese from China aged 70, they bought thousands dollar of Placenta supplements in few bottles and boxes back to Malaysia for 3 months and above consumption. For women's beauty care, they're willing to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars for their beauty investment and there's no joke about it when it comes to beauty for women. It's a never ending merry-go-round investment that we the women are willing to spend for long term investment.

Y.S.P Industries (M) Sdn Bhd has a wide range of products, of which Shine is the flagship brand. There are multiple series of products under Shine brand name which are general wellbeing, herbal preparation, men’s health, women’s health, bone health, joint & pain as well as Kid’s Wonderland series products. Besides Shine Brand, Y.S.P Industries (M) Sdn Bhd also has other brand including Kokoyoyo Crispy Jelly Bean candy, Homecare products, De Glanz hygienic products, Nuvit beauty supplement products and Celloceutica skin care products.

Special offer has been introduced for Nuvit loyal customers for 2016. Customers are able to redeem 1 box Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel with the purchase of every 6 boxes and redeem 3 boxes with the purchase of every 12 boxes Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel. This offer is only valid till 31 December 2016.

You can contact Shine hotline 1800-88-3679 for further information. Nuvit Deer Placenta Plus Softgel is available in all leading pharmacies and Chinese Medical Hall. It is also available online at 

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